USS Liberty–The 50th Year

This day’s posts are dedicated to the memory of 34 US sailors that died at the hands of a betraying ally……

Today, 08 June, is the 50th anniversary of the cowardly attack by Israel on a naval vessel, USS Liberty, in 1967…the attack killed 34 American sailors and wounded 170 others.

Below is an archive of all the posts I have done over the years about this attack….please take the time and learn about this event….I know it is a lot to take in but 34 dead Americans would appreciate your time……

Source: The USS Liberty Must Not Be Forgotten – The Unz Review

Source: Two important lessons from Israeli attack on the USS Liberty – In Saner Thought

Source: USS Liberty Veterans Association | Letter to Bibi – In Saner Thought

Source: Liberty Survivors Say US Still Downplays Israel’s Attack on Ship – In Saner Thought

To this day Israel has NOT been held accountable… this day Americans still think Israel is some sort of ally and friend… this day these brave Americans go not avenged…..

To me these attackers are despicable cowards and in NO way deserve our friendship or our help…..let alone any respect. Period!

14 thoughts on “USS Liberty–The 50th Year

  1. Neither must the U. S. St. Louis, carrying some 400-500 Jews, attempting to escape Nazis Germany (I believe). After being turned-away from Havana, the ship was refused docking rights, in Miami. The ship was forced to return to Europe, where hundreds were murdered in the concentration camps.

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