Eat Healthy–Live Longer

The weekend and we take a time for ourselves or our family or both….here at IST we attempt to be informative on the weekends for we throw enough war news and foreign policy stuff at my readers that I feel they need a break.

I try to be a good source of FYI….post about life and living….something we must do daily.

So today let’s talk about diet and diets.

For about ten years the go to diet for many people is The Mediterranean diet…that diet that is leans hard on with fish and veggies….all in all it has been called the healthiest of diets.

But wait just a moment!

The Mediterranean diet is seen as one of the world’s healthiest. Now, however, a new report suggests a surprising irony: Kids who live in the Mediterranean region are among the most overweight children in the world. For example, 43% of 9-year-old boys and girls in Cyprus are overweight or obese, reports the Guardian, while the figure in Greece, Spain, and Italy is just slightly lower. The problem isn’t the Mediterranean diet, which emphasizes fruit, vegetables, fish, and olive oil, and has been heralded for its health benefits, says study author Dr. João Breda of the World Health Organization. Instead, the issue is that Mediterranean kids no longer eat the diet themselves and consume too much sugar, salt, and fat. Plus, they don’t get enough exercise.

“The Mediterranean diet for the children in these countries is gone,” said Breda. “Those who are close to the Mediterranean diet are the Swedish kids. The Mediterranean diet is gone and we need to recover it.” Specifically on obesity, rates for the nations of Cyprus, Greece, Italy, Malta, San Marino and Spain—18% to 21% for boys, and a bit lower for girls—were higher than in the US, where 17% of kids are considered obese, reports CNN. The study looked at 250,000 children from 34 countries between 2015 and 2017. Breda says the results weren’t all bad. Researchers have seen a slight decline in childhood obesity rates in Greece, Italy, and Spain since the study period. This “conveys a strong sign of hope that if we do the right things and implement powerful solutions, the problem can be solved,” he says.

Sorry to put you in a panic…this is still a good diet according to  most research…..these kids have the same problem as most kids….too much sugar and junk…..

The real problem with this diet is the price…..most of the world cannot afford to eat this diet regularly…..

Despite its many purported advantages, the Mediterranean diet might not be all it’s cracked up to be. According to a new study in the International Journal of Epidemiology, its effects depend largely on socioeconomic status. Researchers surveyed 19,000 people ages 35 and over in Italy, giving each a score based on how closely they followed the Mediterranean diet, ranging from 1 on the low end up to 6 or more. After just over four years, they found a two-point increase in score meant a 15% reduced risk of cardiovascular disease overall—but not for participants with low incomes and minimal education. While a two-point increase meant a reduced risk of 61% for those with a household income of at least $47,000, and 57% for those with post-secondary education, “no actual benefits were observed for the less advantaged groups,” per a release.

Despite similar adherence to the diet, that remained the case after researchers accounted for healthy habits common among the rich, like getting plenty of exercise, avoiding smoking, and making regular visits to the doctor, per HealthDay News. Researchers suspect that’s because people with higher education or income tended to eat a greater variety of foods, as well as more whole grains, organic produce, and fish, which can be expensive, per CTV News. They also prepared vegetables in healthier ways. Together, this means they benefited from a “more adequate intake of essential nutrients,” says study author Giovanni de Gaetano. He suggests experts should stop promoting the diet “if we are not able to guarantee an equal access to it.” (Read about its brain benefits here.

Just a little FYI for those devoted to this diet.

I agree….if this is not open to all then stop promoting it as some sort of “miracle”.

For me it is eat moderately and exercise regularly…..I think you will find it works well……but do not believe me….head to your doctor and get his advice……but take this article with you in case he tries to push this diet over others…..

Eat well…..Have a good day, my friends…….chuq