Oh By The Way…You’re Dead

A wonderful Sunday……

As a veteran I have thought about using the VA….but I have refrained because I feel that vets of Iraq and Afghanistan need their services more than me…..that aside there have been many stories of how the VA has made mistakes and some are not so funny…..

A North Carolina man was notified that he was dead…….

Federal officials have discovered a North Carolina veteran isn’t dead yet. The Fayetteville Observer reported that 81-year-old Charles Covell of Fayetteville was surprised to learn that he had been declared dead by the Veterans Affairs Department last month. Covell’s wife realized something was wrong when a monthly disabilities payment was not deposited in their account, and the couple then learned that a death certificate for a Charles Covell was filed in January. A spokeswoman from US Rep. Richard Hudson’s office said Tuesday the VA has fixed the mistake, per the AP.

Covell spent 12 years in the Army, serving with the 82nd Airborne Division and the 5th Special Forces Group at Fort Bragg. The Observer notes that this is not the first time Covell has been the victim of a red-tape gaffe over his service. The military tried to honor him for 1965 heroics on the battlefield in Vietnam, but the paperwork got lost for more than 40 years. Covell finally received his Bronze Star Medal for Valor in 2006.the SS office sent her a letter, addressed to her, notifying her that she was dead

This made me think of a letter we received after the death of my mother so many years ago…..she was on Social Security and Medicare and after she died a letter was sent informing her that she was indeed dead and if she had any problems she was to notify the Social Security office nearest her.  The letter was addressed to her……she was dead!

Sad to say that the letter and so many of my mementos were lost during Katrina or I would put a copy here for all to see and read…..

Enjoy your Sunday…..TTFN……chuq


12 thoughts on “Oh By The Way…You’re Dead

  1. Yeah.. I feel guilty each time I go to the VA. Sure, I also served, but I never pointed a weapon in anger at an enemy of the country, I never received any injuries in doing so. I never confronted death while in the service (although often as a civilian). I am ambulatory and still have my faculties (although many might challenge that). When I go there I see the real heroes.. “guys who jumped on grenades” kinda thing across a span of many wars.
    Being officially of retirement age I can go entirely on MediCare.. but then I can’t afford the monthly payment plus the 20% it doesn’t cover. I still pay a VA co-pay but it’s not nearly as bad on the pocketbook. So far my various treatments have been performed just fine.. but I do have to watch and question like a hawk or the “system” will take over. Going to the VA is not “fire & forget” medical treatment. You gotta be aware.

  2. When I was an EMT, we were often sent to the homes of people who had died, to bring them into hospital for various treatments or surgery. It was very distressing for the relatives, when we turned up all smiles, asking for Mr So and So who had died maybe three months earlier. The double irony was that had their surgery not been rescheduled, they would probably still have been alive.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. I don’t use the VA [at least after my retirement physical], mostly out of convenience, since the nearest full service facility is ~75 miles away. I heard a mixed bag of results from my friends and peers who have used it.

  4. Speaking of the VA hospital… anyone remember (or even hear of) the movie Article 99? That’s what I think of when I hear anyone talk about the VA.
    I will never use those (hospital or otherwise) services.

  5. Canadians have had free healthcare since the 60’s, so these considerations have never been a factor for me. I just walk into whatever hospital I feel like and say, “Fix me, bitch. I got a hockey game tomorrow.” I understand you Americans have lots of wars to pay for, so you can only afford to pay for Vets & the dinosaurs (minus “co-pays” & such). It’s all about priorities. And war is America’s.

    But speaking of bullshit notifications….I personally know a Michigan woman in her mid-80s who got a letter from US Immigration that told her she was…not dead…but an “illegal alien”. (Close enough.) Despite marrying a US WW2 Vet and moving to Michigan in her early 20s, the US government claimed she was an “illegal alien” for the last 60+ years. Until that letter, she was considered an American. She voted, payed taxes, got seniors benefits, held a few US passports over the years and raised a large family of Americans. (Anchor babies!!!)She was, in every way, considered an American until that letter.

    As near as anyone can figure, her husband’s death triggered a bureaucratic avalanche that lasted almost 2 years. If I recall, she even had to pass a Citizenship Test (Which most Americans would fail/nearly fail. https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/elections/2016/06/30/poll-americans-citizenship-test/86559188/) They probably just didn’t want to pay death/pension benefits to a Canadian. They were ready to deport her over it.

  6. Like you, I am a veteran who doesn’t use the VA. I feel the same way: there are people with significantly greater needs (related to their service) that need the VA more than I. Another consideration: the nearest clinic is 56 miles away. I’ve driven vets to that clinic, so that isn’t a significant reason not to use the service. For more serious needs, you have to drive four and a half hours north to a VA hospital in South Dakota. The biggest consideration: bureaucracy. There is far less paperwork involved with the local and regional hospitals now that I’ve used their services.

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