Just A Bit Of Sushi

Another glorious Sunday and a rest from the silliness we call politics in this country.  As usual I have to say something when I smell something.

Going out to eat…..I remember back in the day when we went out to eat on Sundays and special occasions like birthdays, Monday’s Day, etc.  Nowadays it seems we are all too damn busy to eat at home and as you would think food fads come and go….

In the town where I live a decade ago there was a Mexican restaurant on every corner…they were more popular than that coffee chain that does not have a small coffee……and now slowly the Mexican places have been replaced with a Sushi joint…..me?  I still seek out Mexican for I refuse to eat a dead raw fish.

But to be helpful to my readers…..is Sushi all that healthy?  What about granola?

Is popcorn good for you? What about pizza, orange juice or sushi? Or frozen yogurt, pork chops or quinoa?

Which foods are healthy? In principle, it’s a simple enough question, and a person who wishes to eat more healthily should reasonably expect to know which foods to choose at the supermarket and which to avoid.

Unfortunately, the answer is anything but simple.

The Food and Drug Administration recently agreed to review its standards for what foods can be called “healthy,” a move that highlights how much of our nutritional knowledge has changed in recent years – and how much remains unknown.

You are what you eat.  Me?  I am meat and potatoes with gravy and bread…..throw in a few veggies for a good measure.

Please have a good day and I will return Monday for more and better stuff…….chuq

Diabetics–1 Or 2

Sunday and the sun is shining and the garden is starting to bud out….my radishes are all up….looks like it will be a good year for a yield from the garden……so onward…..

I live in Mississippi the state with the highest concentration of Diabetics in nation…..we are also the most obese state…in short the least healthy state of the 50…..

Everyone knows that Diabetes has two types….type one and type two…..but could that be wrong?

More than 30 million Americans have diabetes, but a study published Thursday in the Lancet Diabetes & Endocrinology concludes we’ve been thinking about the disease all wrong. The BBC reports diabetes is typically separated into type 1—an immune system disease—and type 2—mostly seen as the result of an unhealthy lifestyle. About 90% to 95% of diabetics are classified as type 2, according to Medical News Today. But: “Diabetes is not the grey mass we have been calling type 2,” researcher Leif Groop tells the Guardian. “There are really subsets of the disease that require different treatment.” Groop’s team studied 14,775 diabetics and determined diabetes should actually be broken into five “genetically distinct” clusters. They are:

  • Cluster 1: Severe autoimmune diabetes. Essentially the same as type 1.
  • Cluster 2: Severe insulin-deficient diabetes. As in cluster 1, strikes young and healthy people, but the immune system isn’t at fault.
  • Cluster 3: Severe insulin-resistant diabetes. Bodies of largely overweight people no longer respond to insulin being produced.
  • Cluster 4: Mild obesity-related diabetes. Patients are very overweight but have metabolisms closer to normal than patients in cluster 3.
  • Cluster 5: Mild age-related diabetes. Mild form of diabetes developed by older people. The most common cluster.

Each cluster has different risks associated with it, and patients could respond better to different treatments, researchers say. “I think it will mean a more individualized therapy [and] a better quality of life,” Groop says. (A study found moderate drinking may lower the risk of diabetes.)

What does this actually do?  Will it matter when treatment is called for?  Is this a good thing or was it just a waste of time and energy?

Time for me to sit in the garden and sip a bourbon and enjoy the sunshine on my old body…..be well, be safe……chuq