Man’s Best Friend

Hopefully you remembered to Spring forward…..`the most worthless governmental program….daylight savings time.

Sunday and I am sitting in the garden with my best friend Jazzy, she and I became friends just after Hurricane Katrina and since she had nowhere to go she came home with me and we have been thick as thieves ever since.

I have always been a dog person…..cats are cool but to me nothing beats a dog… when I read some news about mistreatment of dogs I usually go ballistic… I read some disturbing news and the mistreatment is from the US military……

A report finds that the Army failed to do right by some of the more than 200 bomb-sniffing dogs that served with US soldiers in Afghanistan, detecting roadside bombs and saving lives, the AP reports. The Defense Department’s inspector general has determined that, after the program ended in 2014, some soldiers struggled or were unable to adopt the dogs they had handled. This included two dogs among 13 that were given to a private company to be used as service dogs for veterans but then abandoned at a Virginia kennel. The report says Congress amended the law in 2015 to give handlers top priority in adopting their dogs. The inspector general also faults the military for not properly screening those adopting the dogs, including law enforcement agencies and private individuals.

More on this situation…….

Despicable treatment of a soldier that saved lives and served honorably….if they do this then how badly are they treating the two legged veterans?

This story made me sick!

As long as we are focused on the VA here….

To say things are strained at the VA would be a massive understatement. That’s the thrust of a report from the Washington Post, which interviewed 16 Trump administration officials and others. Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin has lost trust in his senior staff and may be facing a mutiny. He’s attempted to fire at least six members of his senior management, and some officials are pushing the White House to remove him. It’s gotten so bad Shulkin has posted an armed guard outside his office, banned staffers he thinks are against him from his executive suite, stopped meeting with political appointees of President Trump, and hasn’t spoken to his public-affairs chief in weeks. “Things have come to a grinding halt,” a senior manager says. “It’s killing the agency. Nobody trusts each other.”

There are a number of issues at play outside of personality differences. For one, Shulkin is the only Obama administration official to get a post in Trump’s Cabinet. There’s also the report stating that taxpayers were misled into paying for Shulkin’s wife to join him on a 10-day European vacation. But most recently Shulkin has upset some in the White House by pushing for a compromise on the Trump-supported plan to allow veterans to choose private doctors that will still be paid for by the VA. There’s fear among veterans groups and unions that the plan will lead to downsizing at the agency. However, some see Shulkin’s unwillingness to buy in fully with that plan as reluctance to “drain the swamp.” Read the full story here for why the national director of veterans affairs for the country’s biggest veterans group says what’s happening is “salacious conspiracy and … treason.”

There seems to be NO department that is not involved in some sort of drama….a dining set at HUD, a $100,000 door for Zinke, and now the VA……and you thought the Teapot Dome was a drama…..the Trump White House beat them all hands down.

I am gonna try and enjoy the rest of my Sunday and let Jazzy know how important she is to me…..thank you for your visits…..chuq

What Do You Know About Oil?

My Sunday begins and I had a random thought….what do you really know about oil?

Our lives are controlled by oil….we run our cars on it……plastics are made from it….oil is everything.  We go to war over the black substance….economies are made of the stuff….but what else do you know?

Well to help you out…..

Whenever you see a headline like this, you know it will go along the lines of “did you know that petroleum stands for rock oil?” Yes you did, goes the reply of an overwhelming majority of readers. For this reason, the list below is one which holds the reader in high esteem, as a dear colleague on the road to broaden our knowledge of the oil industry. So here we go…

1.) Oil’s first use was for caulking – ruins from early Antiquity (5-6 000 BC) testify that Euphrates and Indus Valley civilizations built their houses with bitumen. Caulking their ships with bitumen logically followed soon afterwards.

(there is so much more)

Not only do you have a couple of days off….but now you know so much more about oil……a knowledge that will get you nothing in life but the knowledge that you know some things that others mmay not….

TTFN my friends…..chuq