Closing Thought–13Mar18

Since the 2016 election there has been an on-going tale that the Russians were responsible for the tampering…..and of course the Trumpians out there have accused everyone with the exception of Putin and his gang of thugs… make my Trumpian readers happy I will pass on the words of Putin about the tampering allegations….

US leaders are hitting out at Vladimir Putin after statements he made appeared to some to be anti-Semitic. The Russian president was defending his government in an interview with NBC News’ Megyn Kelly Saturday when he said Jews may have been behind 2016 election meddling. “Repulsive Putin remark deserves to be denounced, soundly and promptly, by world leaders,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal from Connecticut wrote on Twitter following the interview, per the Washington Post. Blumenthal’s sentiment was echoed widely by fellow Democrats in Congress, the Anti-Defamation League, the American Jewish Committee, and others.

The Israeli newspaper Haaretz reports that some Democratic legislators have directly demanded that President Trump take a tougher stance on Russia following its leader’s comments. Putin critics have also assailed the leader for his apparent implication that Russian Jews aren’t true Russians. “Maybe they are not even Russians, but Ukrainians, Tatars or Jews, but with Russian citizenship, which should also be checked,” Putin said, referring to whoever was behind the meddling. Putin went on to suggest a string of other possibilities behind the election disruption, including France or Germany or even America itself. “Maybe the US paid them for this,” he said. “How can you know that? I do not know, either.”

Maybe it was a 400 lb Jew sitting in his mom’s basement eating Cheetohs……now they have a new dialog they can push now since they do not want to believe that Putin could do this deed…..the tampering thing not the accusation of the Jews……

Another One Bites The Dust

Yet another cabinet member has been kicked to the curb……Trump has done yet another thing that Trump does….fires people that do not agree with him….personally I never thought Tillerson was a good fit at State but I never thought that he should be fired with a Tweet….but that is how cowards do things…..

Another White House staffing bombshell: Rex Tillerson, who has had a rocky public relationship with President Trump, is out as secretary of state, reports the Washington Post. Trump is replacing him with CIA chief Mike Pompeo, a move the president himself confirmed on Twitter: Pompeo “will do a fantastic job!” the president wrote. “Thank you to Rex Tillerson for his service!” The shuffle will result in Gina Haspel replacing Pompeo at the CIA—pending Senate confirmation—making her the agency’s first female leader. Tillerson, for his part, increasingly seemed out of sync with the White House, and this move was apparently no different. CBS News reports he had not spoken with Trump and found out with the public. “The Secretary had every intention of staying because of the critical progress made in national security,” said a department statement, which added that “he will miss his colleagues” at State and fellow foreign ministers.

Two recent examples of the Trump-Tillerson distance, per USA Today: On Monday, Tillerson blamed Russia for a London assassination, something the White House had stopped short of doing. Tillerson also seemed caught off guard by Trump’s announcement of a summit with Kim Jong Un of North Korea.The Post cites statements from both Trump and Pompeo on the news:

  • Trump: “I want to thank Rex Tillerson for his service. A great deal has been accomplished over the last fourteen months, and I wish him and his family well.”
  • Pompeo: “I am deeply grateful to President Trump for permitting me to serve as Director of the Central Intelligence Agency and for this opportunity to serve as Secretary of State,” he said. “His leadership has made America safer and I look forward to representing him and the American people to the rest of the world to further America’s prosperity.”

That opens up the CIA for anew head…..and the ass kisser from Arkansas, Tom Cotton, is who I expect to be named as the new head of the spy agency…..the word around the Beltway is that Trump will name a woman as head of CIA…….if true Cotton will get pouty no doubt…..

Maybe McMasters should start looking over his shoulder…..his number is drawing close….

It Spreads Like Peanut Butter

For this post I am talking about what has been called “fake news”….I know, I know so much has been written about ‘fake news’….and anything these days that does not fit in the conversation about Trump is labeled as ‘fake news’….this phenom, ‘fake news’, is not spread by those damn Russians or some bot stashed away in some dusty backroom……no ‘fake news’ is spread because most people are f*cking lazy.

It’s anyone’s guess how influential 13 Reds with a $100,000 Facebook budget for America’s 6.8 billion-dollar election may have been, but perhaps the driver behind fake news is less nefarious than we’ve been led to believe: What if people are just gossiping, lazy, idiots? It appears that may be the case, at least according to a study published today in the journal Science about how fake news spreads on social media.

It turns out that fake news spreads in a similar way to high school gossip. Fictional news not seen anywhere else is like a secret waiting to get out around school. People jump to share it because it appears exclusive and people want to be the first to break the news to their friends. “Novel information is thought to be more valuable than redundant information,” study co-author Sinan Aral, a professor of management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said“People who spread novel information gain social status because they’re thought to be ‘in the know’ or to have inside information.”

Damn that article hits the nail on the bent head.

The premise that people are lazy is all too accurate….anyone that writes a political blog knows how lazy they truly are….it is easier for them to regurgitate crap than it is to research it to determine if it is garbage or accurate.

This laziness has made the search for truth and accuracy virtually impossible……and in the mean time ‘fake news’ continues and is taking over for true news and is gaining in popularity.

Clinton And Terrorism

On that fateful day in September of 2001 when the Twin Towers came down from a terrorist attack we have been fighting terrorists wherever we find them…..but years before the attack there were many terrorist attacks that involved the US….the Twin Towers in the 1990’s, the Embassy attack in Kenya….these attacks were on Bill Clinton watch and he had several opportunities to give terrorists a black eye but he backed down time and time again…..

When it comes to Bill Clinton’s record on terrorism, there’s no need to invent fictional scenarios to show how ineffective he was; the truth is bad enough.  A few months after 9/11, Byron York went through the record — including the former president’s habit of taking polls to see how he should respond to terrorist attacks — and came up with this report, from the December 17, 2001 issue of National Review:

June 25, 1996, a powerful truck bomb exploded outside the Khobar Towers barracks in Dhahran, Saudi Arabia, tearing the front from the building, blasting a crater 35 feet deep, and killing 19 American soldiers. Hundreds more were injured. When news reached Washington, Presi dent Bill Clinton vowed to bring the killers to justice. “The cowards who committed this murderous act must not go unpunished,” he said angrily. “Let me say again: We will pursue this. America takes care of our own. Those who did it must not go unpunished.” The next day, leaving the White House to attend an economic summit in France, Clinton had more tough words for the attackers. “Let me be very clear: We will not resist” — the president corrected himself — “we will not rest in our efforts to find who is responsible for this outrage, to pursue them and to punish them.”

There were several occasions where Clinton could have ordered a strike that would have killed Osama and for whatever reason that he had he chose not to act…..and possibly that failure to act lead to the massive attack on 9/11.