Kid’s Crusade

A Saturday and a big day…….the grand kids of Boomers will take to the streets….

Today is the day that the children have decided to protests the gun deaths……the March on DC by thousands of kids that are fed up with their peers being targets for a/holes with a gun…and the adults doing nothing.

Kinda reminds me of my days in protests during the Vietnam War….Bill Murray agrees…..

The students in Florida pushing for an end to gun violence after the Parkland mass shooting remind Bill Murray of the students who pushed for an end to the Vietnam War half a century ago. “It really was the students that began the end of the Vietnam War,” the actor writes in an NBC op-ed. “It was the students who made all the news, and that noise started, and then the movement wouldn’t stop. I think, maybe, this noise that those students in Florida are making—here, today—will do something of the same nature.” “For students to be worried about what could happen to them at school, that makes for a horrible moment,” Murray says. “It’s just a horrible place for us to be at.”

Murray praises the idealism of students like the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors, who joined gun control protests within days of the shooting that killed 17 staff and students. “The thing that’s so powerful about students is that, when you haven’t had your idealism broken yet, you’re able to speak from a place that has no confusion, where there is a clear set of values,” he says, though he believes that idealism survives in everybody’s conscience. “Sometimes it’s just a whisper, but, in some people, it’s a shout,” he says. Click for the full column. Murray is one of many celebrities supporting Saturday’s March for Our Lives anti-gun violence event, CNN reports. The protest, led by Parkland survivors, will involve a rally in Washington, DC, and sister protests in hundreds of other cities.

These kids are still protesting and talking….39 days on from the last big school massacre…..I do not think the they will go away the way politicians are hoping…..

Thoughts on this protests from comedian Lewis Black…I think his political commentary is spot on…..

May you enjoy your day….I will be back tomorrow…… I will return with stuff….chuq


36 thoughts on “Kid’s Crusade

      1. I think that’s factually untrue…as there are articles to be found in fairly major publications stating just that….as well as the obvious demographic that really does desire that, but knows that it’s politically untenable, so they opt for the route of incrementalism…..but I would agree that for those reasons, it’s not a prevailing public sentiment.

        However, hen proposing legislation that restricts a Constitutional right, it must survive strict scrutiny…the highest level of judicial protections. Since ‘sanity’ is not being used in relation to actual mental health here….it’s merely an emotional plea [much like ‘commonsense’].

      2. I do not think that my rights would be infringed on by eliminating assault weapons, extended mags or those damn awful bump stocks…..I think that is a ‘logical” plea….chuq

      3. A myriad of court cases [though some against] would disagree….but again, legislation has to be defined to be effective. And I [hypothetically] might not issue with ‘free speech zones’ or some other quasi-censorship…..whereas you might view them as infringements upon your 1st Amendment rights, no?

        “Assault weapons” are a media invention, every class of firearms EVER invented are “weapons of war” and defining “extended” or “high capacity” tends to run along emotional or political narrative lines. Gun control groups would at least get a minimum amount of respect from me, were they to actually focus on logical and factual arguments regarding the implements they see to ban.

      4. assault weapons are military quality arms….no one needs a machine gun to protect their homes…if they do then I suggest a shotgun coverage is better…..what is a 30 round mag needed for? A logical argument will never happen for no one can agree what is logical. So let more children die…..and we can have this conversation again. chuq

      5. “Machine guns” are already heavily regulated, scarce and nearly never used in the commission of a crime. “Military quality” refers to the material and technical grade of the machine parts of a firearm. Are you suggesting that we only allow civilian ownership of firearms built of inferior material, and thus inherently unsafe?

        Shotgun spread can be me more effective….and ironically would have caused more casualties in school shootings, were they used; far more projectiles being expelled than the standard capacity magazines or a semi-automatic rifle.

        Failures at EVERY level of government resulted in the past few mass shootings….and the solution is….more government?

      6. we can argue over definitions and more will die…..shotguns would have been less lethal…more wounded possibly and shotguns do not hold 30+ rounds either……chuq

      7. Do you know how many lethal pellets are in 00 Buckshot? I’ll let you do the math.

        We argue over definitions….or we legislate by emotion. The laws proffered by the gun control camp will only be followed by the law abiding. Or maybe not.

      8. not as many as in birdshot…..yes I am well aware… you know how many rounds are in a shotgun? Not all “gun laws” are about taking all guns….just reasonable laws is all I ask…I do not want your guns….and if assault weapons are ones desire then there is the perfect place for them…the Army they shoot as much as they like and even kill a frew in the process.

      9. By your own words, you DO want my guns….the ones you refer to as “assault weapons”.

        BTW, 6 [shells] x 9 [pellets] = 54. 54 > 30…….

        Let me know when we can legislatively defined “reasonable”, without ‘arguing’ over definitions…..

      10. We cann argue all flipping day and neither of us will try and see the others side….thanx for the math lesson and when they stop to reload they are vulnerable….do you want to kill children? I/m guessing no…..but can we say that about all “assault weapon” owners? I personally had enough of them in Vietnam. chuq

      11. I’m not trying to be argumentative for t’sown sake, but do you see why gun control arguments can be so discounted by the other side? With regards to legislation that impacts Constitutional rights, definition matters….thus, strict scrutiny.

      12. NRA controls the debate as a lobbyist…I know they are doing their job as a lobbyist….just my thought…..have a good weekend….chuq

      13. Incrementalism is how this gun-worship bullshit got out of control in the 1st place. Maybe it is the way back too.

        I want the 2nd Amendment returned to what it actually was meant to be…a way to maintain militias that would fend off British invasion, or overthrow a corrupted government. (which is completely irrelevant now…well…the 1st part is.) That, or be abolished outright. Which, it should.

        Why does the “right” to kill each other trump all the other rights…Ain’t no riots over the daily unconstitutional searches & seizures of our every communication!

      14. It is a history thing I wrote about in the past….what was going on in the country at the time of the 2nd inclusion.

  1. Protest guns violence from A-holes with a gun. Well I bet now the A-holes with a gun will stop. The protest will make all the bad guys realize the error of their ways. I wonder why the adults did not think of this remedy.

  2. Street protests in the 1960s changed many things in different countries. Racist laws, foreign wars, unfair taxation, and excessive police violence. The students often led the way as the voice of protest, but it had to keep going, and it had to be big enough to be noticed. I hope the kids over there manage to make people think about changes to your laws, but at the moment it seems the best hope is ‘fingers crossed’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. They serious as were the protesters from our day…I think they will get something done and will not settle like so many did in the 70’s….

      I am now joining britbox…..great viewing….chuq

      1. I had to look up Britbox, but it won’t let me look at the selections, as it is only in the US and Canada. Let me know if there is something you like the look of, and I will recommend, or not.

      2. I haven’t watched Dr Who since I was a child. If you are undecided about anything, feel free to ask me about it.
        I do recommend David Suchet as ‘Poirot’, if that’s on there. Also the BBC historical dramas ‘The White Queen’, and ‘The Last Kingdom’.

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