It Spreads Like Peanut Butter

For this post I am talking about what has been called “fake news”….I know, I know so much has been written about ‘fake news’….and anything these days that does not fit in the conversation about Trump is labeled as ‘fake news’….this phenom, ‘fake news’, is not spread by those damn Russians or some bot stashed away in some dusty backroom……no ‘fake news’ is spread because most people are f*cking lazy.

It’s anyone’s guess how influential 13 Reds with a $100,000 Facebook budget for America’s 6.8 billion-dollar election may have been, but perhaps the driver behind fake news is less nefarious than we’ve been led to believe: What if people are just gossiping, lazy, idiots? It appears that may be the case, at least according to a study published today in the journal Science about how fake news spreads on social media.

It turns out that fake news spreads in a similar way to high school gossip. Fictional news not seen anywhere else is like a secret waiting to get out around school. People jump to share it because it appears exclusive and people want to be the first to break the news to their friends. “Novel information is thought to be more valuable than redundant information,” study co-author Sinan Aral, a professor of management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said“People who spread novel information gain social status because they’re thought to be ‘in the know’ or to have inside information.”

Damn that article hits the nail on the bent head.

The premise that people are lazy is all too accurate….anyone that writes a political blog knows how lazy they truly are….it is easier for them to regurgitate crap than it is to research it to determine if it is garbage or accurate.

This laziness has made the search for truth and accuracy virtually impossible……and in the mean time ‘fake news’ continues and is taking over for true news and is gaining in popularity.

7 thoughts on “It Spreads Like Peanut Butter


    Your spreadin’ Fake News!!!. peepuls iz smart we’z not never lazie er stupud!!!!! The Interwebs gives me da troooth!!!!! Die U dirtie socialist!!!

    If it hasn’t already, the Web-pipes will probably turn out to be the single most important factor in the death of democracy. A properly informed populace is vital to democracy. The Web-pipes are more effective at doing the opposite.

    It puts us in silos full of exactly like-minded people where all we ever hear is what we want to hear….(Not to mention the mountainous piles of mind-fucking celeb gossip, porn & shopping addiction.) We only come out of those silos to throw shit on other people. Digital politics is all just a game of capture the flag, Red Team vs Blue Team.

    The entire purpose of “Social Media” is to privatize the Internet that was once Public Commons, dumb it down, and sell products to captive, gossipy, self-obsessed, fucktards. If not products, then stupid ideas. As long as the cheque written in Rubles clears the bank, who cares?

    Without this foundation of fucktardary, the Russian trolls would have gotten ZERO traction. It would all be up to the hackers to try to rig results…which is way too easy. (and something I’d like to hear more about.)

    1. Social media is just a way to spread gossip and bullshit…..but unfortunately it is the way of politics going forward….chuq

      1. Yeah. And don’t forget about the massive compilation of “data” on people. Between Anti-social Media and those HAL-like spy-bots every idiot is buying to put in their homes, so they don’t have to actually do/think for themselves. Jesus! The psychological profiles you can compile on people now are sheer gold. You can use them to manipulate people into buying products, or ideas, or for political purposes…or put them on lists to be rounded up and put in FEMA camps when the day comes (and it will.)

        And with everything political built on a foundation of gossip & bullshit…What could possibly go wrong???

        (And with this comment: Sedate Me now holds the record for Most Uses Of The Question “What could possibly go wrong?” in the New Millennium….a millennium where the question is no longer asked by anyone.

  2. My fav example of fake news was on facebook that went viral. It was a stock photo of the 8 justices walking together at the time of the Gorsuch nomination with the headline JUSTICES CALL GORSUCH UNFIT or words to that effect.Several facebook friends reposted it. It was posted originally by a syndicated columnist with a long record of such nonsense. Three of my friends were fellow teachers and I castigated them noting that the justices would never make such statements about any nominee. It is unethical, disrespectful and crosses the separation of powers line re influencing a presidential nominee and congressional approval or disapproval. And of course there is that tiny fact that it never happened. Then I really insulted their intelligence and ridiculed them for not seeing if true before posting. Their Trump hate is so venomous they probably don’t care if it’s true or not . Their followers lavished them with praise for exposing this – all stupid jerks falling for fake news. One emailed me that she was tired of me contradicting her posts but had no desire to admit her gullibility. We are no longer friends and I am fine with that.

    Chuq, this republican would never do such things. I have never and will never release all the pictures I have of Hillary Clinton meeting clandestinely with Satan.

    1. Facebook is an anti-Christ….I have never been a remember I do not trust and have never…..perfect place to put fake news just like Twittr…perfect platform…..chuq

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