Honey Is Better Than Vinegar

That was an old saying that my grandmother was fond of……she would use it at every opportunity…..maybe Fearless Fosdick should pull his head out of his ass (if that is possible) and look at the world with a reality glance (if that is possible).

Everyone that has listened to the mindless ramblings of Fearless Fosdick then they will know just what he has in mind for countries like North Korea…..his answer is to go to war…..

But China seems to have a different approach than that of the US……

Despite Pyongyang’s recent ballistic missile and nuclear activity and threats, Beijing continues to resist US requests to apply greater economic pressure on North Korea. This measured response aside, nuanced but highly significant changes in China’s thinking on North Korea are clear. China may now be willing to envision both a future in which North Korea is not a sovereign state and a greater role for the Chinese military in any contingency. This Peace Brief reviews this thinking as well as potential Chinese motivations to intervene militarily in a Korea contingency and the implications for US policy.


China is capable of finding a way around war…..something the US seems to not have an interest in doing at this point.

Then thee is Iran which is more than likely the next victim of the US war machismo…..China has found another way of handling Iran than has eluded Fearless Fosdick……

Freed from crippling nuclear sanctions two years ago, Iran is drawing unprecedented Chinese funding for everything from railways to hospitals, they said.

State-owned investment arm CITIC Group recently established a US$10 billion credit line and China Development Bank is considering lending US$15 billion more.

“They [Western firms] had better come quickly to Iran otherwise China will take over,” said Ferial Mostofi, head of the Iran Chamber of Commerce’s investment commission, speaking on the sidelines of an Iran-Italy investment meeting in Rome.

The Chinese funding, by far the largest statement of investment intent of any country in Iran, is in stark contrast with the drought facing Western investors since US President Donald Trump disavowed the 2015 pact agreed by major powers, raising the threat sanctions could be reimposed.


For once granma’s idea may be the better idea…Honey is better than vinegar.


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