Closing Thought–26Oct17

All The Petty Autocrats!

Where does Trump find all these petty little shits….those minor autocrats that think they are more influential than they really are?

We have the president who thinks is shit don’t stink…..we have a cabinet member that does not feel he should be made to travel with peons….now we have this silly autocrat that thinks there needs to be a ritual around him and his of station in life

President Trump may be busting some White House traditions, but other members of his administration are adhering to some unusual ones. The Washington Post reports on an “arcane” Navy ritual being observed by Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke. Whenever Zinke is physically in the Interior Department’s Washington, DC, headquarters, a flag distinct to his position is raised; when he leaves or is on the road, it’s taken down, and an “equally obscure” one is hoisted for Deputy Secretary David Bernhardt. Zinke’s flag is blue, with the department’s buffalo seal and seven white stars symbolizing various Interior bureaus.

The Post describes the tradition as one “no one can remember ever happening in the federal government,” but a rep for Zinke suggests it’s a natural and honorable move by the former Navy SEAL commander: Zinke “is restoring honor and tradition to the department, whether it’s flying the flag when he is in garrison or restoring traditional access to public lands.” There’s no direct counterpart in the current administration, though the personal flag of Secretary of State Rex Tillerson does fly at all times in front of the State Department’s HQ. (Zinke previously had something to say about his department’s loyalty to another flag.)


You gotta love watching these little pathetic toads scramble for recognition…..


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