Hospital Confidential #3

Finally I have found my way home.  But still have to go early morning for Hyperbaric treatments for awhile.

Posting from a phone is a chore.  LOL. But at least I could at least try to keep up. I want to get back to some sort of normalcy.

Again I would like to than all those great followers that have hung in there and stuck by me and my small contribution daily….Hopefully I can get back to normal soon.for I am losing my friggin’ mind here.

THank you Thank you Thank you!.  chuq


8 thoughts on “Hospital Confidential #3

  1. Hold in there, chuq! I know how tedious going in regularly for treatments can be, both in time spent and hassles, but the sooner you are back to your best, the sooner we can appreciate your clear insights and pungent commentary typed out on a handier tool! Get well soon, sir! Your readers demand it!

      1. When one lives in a county where 74.6% of the registered voters who voted voted for the current regime in Washington, you become a rare voice in the wilderness, the little hope left. Needless to say, I have selfish reasons for you to get better and continue your insightful commentaries! (Oh, yeah! I also wish you well out of common decency and concern for a fellow traveller on this Great Blue Marble!)

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