It’s Gun Control Again

We have had another attack where multiple lives we lost by a douche with a gun….in this case many guns….and of course the debate has started again…all the political theater that this subject can muster.

Now is the time to look at the laws…..NO!  Now is not the time we should wait for calmer heads….

Gun Control?  Is that truly the conversation we should behaving right now?  Maybe not……

Statistician and writer Leah Libresco used to yearn for what she once considered “common-sense gun-control reforms.” Then she and her colleagues at FiveThirtyEight spent threemonthsanalyzing all 33,000 gun deaths the US sees per year, and her whole perspective changed. The sad truth is that the broad policies many people call for, like “banning assault weapons,” actually wouldn’t save the vast majority of those people, she writes. In the Washington Post, she delves into specific reasons why—in the case of an assault-weapons ban, gun hobbyists can easily turn a semi-automatic into an assault weapon, while skilled shooters can change magazines so quickly that limiting them might be “meaningless.” She also explains why it’s actually not useful to compare US gun laws with the strictly tightened laws in Britain and Australia.

So what could work in the US? “Narrowly tailored interventions to protect subtypes of potential victims, not broad attempts to limit the lethality of guns.” That means individualized attention, like identifying gang members for intervention, putting police priority on women who are endangered by specific men, or getting older men (who make up the biggest share of gun suicides) access to care and help. In the end, Libresco “was still anti-gun, at least from the point of view of most gun owners,” she writes. “But I can’t endorse policies whose only selling point is that gun owners hate them. … We save lives by focusing on a range of tactics to protect the different kinds of potential victims and reforming potential killers, not from sweeping bans focused on the guns themselves.” Read her full column.

Personally, I think this whole conversation that we seem to have with each attack….is not the conversation we should be having.

In closing I want to offer up some red meat for all those liberal haters (and there are many)….it comes from the most hated liberal…Michael Moore…..

In a move highly unlikely to be approved by the NRA, Michael Moore has come up with a replacement for what he says is the “ancient and outdated” Second Amendment. In a Facebook post Wednesday, Moore offered a 28th Amendment that protects the right of people to “be free from gun violence,” Hot Air reports. “A well regulated State National Guard, being helpful to the safety and security of a State in times of need, along with the strictly regulated right of the people to keep and bear a limited number of non-automatic Arms for sport and hunting, with respect to the primary right of all people to be free from gun violence, this shall not be infringed,” it reads.

“The public’s safety comes ahead of an individual’s right to own and fire a gun,” wrote Moore. He said under the new amendment, it will be possible to pass laws requiring people to keep their guns at government-regulated storage facilities instead of at home, the Hill reports. He also suggested limiting clips to six bullets, banning semi-automatic weapons, and requiring men buying guns to obtain waivers from current and former spouses. This approach, he wrote, will meet the needs of everybody except the “serial killer, the mass murderer, the violent ex-husband, the disgruntled employee, or the disturbed and bullied teenager.” (Lawmakers want to ban a device the Las Vegas gunman used.)

Let the yelling begin…..please have a medical specialist stand by.


20 thoughts on “It’s Gun Control Again

  1. Mr. Moore, (no relation, I assure you… Well, not in any recent generations, anyway….) makes the same mistake all those who address this issue have made, to wit: they assume the ‘state’ has precedence over the ‘individual’, with the concomitant right to define what ‘rights’ shall be allowed to the populace. This is, again, refusing to accept the personal responsibility so essential to a true human being….

    Damn it, ffolkes, you only have rights you can defend… Sometimes, it is well to look from a new direction, as noted by Robert Heinlein… I forget the exact wording, but, he noted ‘rights’ don’t exist in nature; people experience opportunities for change, and either use them, or not. Nature doesn’t give us ANY rights, except to die. The rest is all in our heads. If you want rights, you have to defend them. Period. It’s a personal responsibility, which cannot be given away to any other entity.

    Any discussion that does not address this aspect of human nature is doomed to irrelevance.

    gigoid, the dubious

    1. I have been saying for years that the discussion is never along the lines that it should be….it is always a distorted pile of manure….chuq

      1. Yep, & always will be, for everyone who wants to speak has a vested interest of some kind, no matter which side of the issue they are spouting off about….. Silly humans….

        Watch out for the new storm, bro….


      2. I am watching it zero in on Main Street…..looks like will be a fairly weak storm…..and that is fine with me…LOL chuq

    2. It sounds like you’re suggesting (here & elsewhere) that if I want a right to live in a society without fear of gun violence, I have to forget about the law and take matters into my own hands. I must kill everyone who wants guns before they kill me defending their right to own these killing machines.

      Great idea!!! First step, I’m going open a gun store and kill everyone who steps inside. Because they obviously believe in gun ownership and the inevitable gun violence that generates. They’re trying to take away my right not to live a society free from gun violence. And like you say, I must defend my rights. Man, defending my rights will never be so much fun. Rat-a-tat-tat! “You wanna fuck me? You wanna play rough? Okay. Say hello to my little friend!”

      I think I’ll take your approach to every right. Maybe I’ll defend my right to free speech by storming a TV station, FOX Noise perhaps. Execute all those blonde-bimbo-molesters on live TV, even though their victims clearly didn’t deserve the right not to be molested. Those loo-sahs just sat there and got molested for years. No, I’ll do it purely for my personal enjoyment…and the money making ratings. So, after I take power over the station, I get the right to molest those blonde bimbos. “First you get the money. Then you get the power. Then you get the women!”

      Maybe I should defend my right to free, universal, healthcare by filling everyone who doesn’t believe in it with extremely expensive bullet wounds that, even if they survive, will bankrupt them. They can join the thousands of people a year who die because they have no/lame insurance and refuse to defend their right to live by taking a doctor hostage. Pussies! As you say, the only right you’re born with is the right to die..and I’m granting those Medicare-For-All haters that right, right now. Here’s the abortion your mama always wanted, but was too chichenshit to fight for. “You die mutha-fucka!”

      Maybe I should defend my right to unionize by mowing down every non-unionized business owner and every shareholder of an anti-union corporation. Maybe I should defend my right to live in a clean environment by blowing up factories….if I can find any that haven’t moved to China…Or go on shooting rampages in the palaces of mindless over-consumption (big box stores) Eat lead China-Mart! “You know what capitalism is? Getting fucked!”

      And anybody complaining about me claiming/defending my rights just live in a fantasy world and are ball-less loo-sahs doomed to failure & irrelevance. Because, this is all that we damn dirty apes are…and all that we can ever be. Ain’t no such thing as Evolution.

      Hey, where the fuck is my yeyo?

      1. Well, that certainly told me…. In actuality, I suggested nothing of the sort, nor did I advocate taking killing into my own hands, at the expense of the ‘rights’ of anyone else…. That, and the obviously fanatical response you suggest I am advocating, would be an example of how humans generally deal with issue, which is to apply their initial reaction, whether rational or not, & assign their preferences along those lines… I suggest only that we accept human nature as having a violent side, and that trying to legislate morality is always going to fall short of someone’s expectations….

        The simple fact is, as Albert Einstein observed, the world is dangerous because people who see evil done say nothing against it. Another, not so simple fact is, we are all responsible for what happens TO us just as much as we are for what we do, a natural law that human imagination seems to deny on a regular basis…

        The simple truth is, no gun laws will ever work as well as people expect, for they expect a magic bullet which will somehow control, and/or eliminate the human tendency to act in a way harmful to others when acting in their own self-interest….

        Evolution means change. Human nature has not changed to any significant degree since we stopped living in caves & trees, yet we seem to believe it has, simply because we have digital watches and TV….

        Sorry, but, if we can’t accept our nature, & learn to understand it well enough to control it from within, then violence will exist in human society. I’m not advocating killing anyone who isn’t actively trying to do the same to me; I am advocating understanding oneself well enough to keep from doing so out of self-interest as a primary motivation. Reality doesn’t care how we feel about things, but, we always wish it did, to our everlasting dismay….

        Please don’t read into my words anything more than what they say; I try to be accurate in choosing the right ones, but, each person has their own way of looking at them from the other side… not always with complete understanding….

        I don’t fear guns, or even people with guns, for I have no more fear of death. I fear much more living in fear, which only comes with loss of self-understanding, and self-control. Sadly, there are not many people alive who feel or think the same with any consistency; I have learned to watch them very carefully, and be ready to deal, however I may, with their irrationality….

        gigoid, the dubious

      2. I didn’t actually think you were suggesting anything of the sort. However, it sure as Hell could have been read that way…especially if the reader was remotely inclined that way already. So I read it that way, took a left-handed turn on it and overacted accordingly…if only to help demonstrate the point you wound up making in your clarification, ensuring your words wouldn’t be misconstrued for real. (Yes, way too “high concept” for the Web-pipes in 2017.)

        But if you use phrases like (loose quote) “individuals defending their rights” because “you can’t count laws, government, or anyone else to protect them”, HUGE, BIGLY, swaths of the population will read it EXACTLY that way. And they won’t be responding sarcastically, or ironically, as I did. They will (mis)read it as another call to arms…literally…and grab their guns to defend themselves from their imaginary enemies. The end result of this kind of “thinking” is a nation full of Scarfaces (thus the Scarface quotes) trying to get what they want through violence, or even just the implication of it. (aka the American Way) And the cycle of endless bloodshed will continue. (Note: NOT your fault! But these days, idiots are constantly seeking validation from writers with a more “intellectual” style like yours. Sadly, it’s a good rule of thumb to proof-read like you have 2 functioning brain cells and are high on cocaine, especially when guns are involved.)

        But you’re completely correct about the self-affirming stupidity of modern man, the veneer of civilization and the speed at which we devolve into rabid chimps. And the modern technology that makes us think we’re all so civilized only makes it worse. As I often say, “Would you hand a monkey a loaded gun?” No? Well, America hands out millions of guns to primates every year. Eventually some of these monkeys will use it to “write their War & Peace”.

        Because I live in Canada, I have no fear of gun violence, nor no lunatic obsession with these penis substitutes. We have ice hockey to work out our violent impulses. And like you, I know there is no “magic bullet” (other than the one than did/didn’t kill Kennedy). Hell, I no longer expect ANYTHING to work right in this society, not gun laws, not vacuum cleaners, not even my own bowels. Hell, I’m thrilled my overpriced Internet connection has more-or-less worked for 3 days in a row!

        Unfortunately, stupid can’t be legislated away. I know no law will Zero-out gun violence and that even the best attempt will only “move the margins” (which still shouldn’t be dismissed the way it so commonly is). But likewise, no gun does anything NEAR what its machismo-peddling sellers and deluded owners expects it to. The opposite is closer to the truth. It’s far more likely that he, or a family member, will wind up dead from that weapon than become a front page hero with it. These are points that deserve at least as much recognition in all this emotional nonsense, but are rarely heard…even when said.

        All that said…I’m STILL sticking with my plan to build an H.H. Holmes style “Murder Castle” gun shop. I figure that will let my “human nature” out in a productive way, now that my hockey playing days are behind me.

        Sorry about all the confusion.

  2. Despite all the debate, commentators, documentary film-makers, and bloggers like me having their say, I fear nothing will change. The next mass shooting will likely be bigger, and the cycle will continue unabated.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  3. Americans are unique in this delusion that nothing can “prevent” gun if the only way of measuring success is absolute ZERO gun deaths. And if you can’t get absolute zero, why do anything to reduce those 30,000 gun deaths a year? It ain’t like it’s a couple thousand people killed in a couple of towers. THAT urban renewal project resulted in declaring war on an entire fucking planet, the spending of trillions of dollars and the trampling on everybody’s rights…all without any real success to show for it. Even questioning the value of that reaction still gets you hostile reactions, especially from people who resist doing anything about gun deaths.

    The problem lies in American culture, politics, economics and above all…in the warped minds of Americans. Where are all the mass shootings in Australia, Mediocre Britain, or Canuckistan? The entire Western World produces fewer corpses in a decade than you guys do every year. Why? Because you’re bat-shit crazy and addicted to your guns. From your cold, dead, hands, indeed!

    When is the last time anyone has heard of a mass baseball/cricket batting, or mass hockey stick slap-shooting? Because those things are designed to kill only one person at a time and up close & personal, not hundreds of people from a sanitized thousand feet away. You can’t figure out how to make healthcare a right of citizenship, but you can figure out how to grant the right to kill a hundred motherfuckers with a twitch of a finger.

    1. It is silly the Americans want to have this conversation after a tragedy…..emotions are high and nothing gets accomplished….have it when there is nothing in the news….chuq

      1. That seems the logical thing to do, but it incorrectly assumes a few things:

        1) That logic still applies in America. America is no longer remotely capable of discussing ANYTHING rationally at ANY time, certainly not guns. Even gardening and light bulbs are political DMZs in the culture war. You’d get less hostility if you debated “penis control”.

        2) That the public has a longer attention span than a goldfish. Most people won’t even remember this shooting 2 weeks from now. I hear there’s a new Taylor Swift album about to “drop”…or something equally important. And I’m sure they’ll be a few hundred 3AM Trump Toilet Tweets about Lewis Hamilton, or maybe even Alton White between now & then to keep the simpletons occupied.

        3) That the public has a longer attention span than a goldfish. They don’t have the ability to listen & learn. They just mindlessly spout the same lines over and over and quickly move on to the next topic after achieving nothing.

        Not that anything positive will ever happen on this front, but the best chance is striking when the iron is hot. These days, even something coming to a lopsided vote requires a miracle.

      2. WE should never have a substantive discussion when emotions are high…nothing good can come of it….nothing will be accomplished….chuq

      3. It took me a while to get your “call-back” to my “goldfish mindlessly repeating the sames lines” joke. Very clever. Probably far to “high concept” for the Web-pipes in 2017, though.

        Cue another: “We should never have a substantive discussion when emotions are high…nothing good can come of it….nothing will be accomplished.”

  4. While only a fool would not sympathize with the families of the fallen victims of these heinous acts of violence, using them as a platform to promote a call for gun control is just patently absurd. Let me just ask you this…are the deaths of innocent people at the hands of drunk drivers any less tragic than the deaths of the innocent people in Las Vegas? Why then do we not call for the immediate ban and restriction on the sale of motor vehicles throughout the US? After all, those drunks couldn’t have killed anybody without the car. Of course, that is absurd. It’s just as absurd as calling for gun control because disturbed people use them to kill. If they didn’t have the gun, don’t you think they would google themselves a recipe for making pipe bombs? Car bombs? Do you really think for a minute that if there weren’t even a single gun available illegally that these people would not still kill indiscriminately? Of course they would. That’s why this argument is foolish. We as Americans should seek instead to promote better treatment for people who exhibit symptoms of mental illness and overt irrationality.

    1. I am not calling for gun control….no one needs an assault weapon to guard their house….if so buy a shotgun better coverage….that is not gun control just commonsense….I agree with the mental illness thing….more needs to be done on that level but will never get accomplished not with the cowards we have in Congress…..thanx for the visit and the comment……chuq

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