Why The 2nd? – In Saner Thought

Special Note:  Here we go again!  A storm is heading for my hometown’s Main Street….set to hit Sunday as a Cat 1 (hopefully weaker)…..so I may be without internet for awhile…..bear with me and I will return as soon as possible.  chuq

Almost like clockwork we have had another horrific massacre by a  man with more guns than brains.

And as usual there will be the inevitable conversation about what the amendment means and how can we avoid this from happen again.

College of Political Knowledge Subject:  Early American History We have once again returned to the debate over guns since the horrible shooting deaths of children at Sandy Hook……all the…

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10 thoughts on “Why The 2nd? – In Saner Thought

    1. Thanx my friend…..right now looks like gonna come down Main Street….maybe it will be mostly rain and little wind…..fingers crossed….chuq

      1. Hi, thats bad, You mostly have aboveground lines, right?
        Here in Germany we should get soon 50 MB/sec. LOL
        Instead of using the fiber, old, 30-year-old copper cables (for cable TV) were re-used.
        A job-creation activity. 😉 Michael

      2. Yep above ground…..buried cable is too expensive for the money grubbers to try….at least that is their take on it….chuq

  1. I stand by my comment in the first installment; human nature is the issue, not guns. The TV show Law & Order: SVU once had a lawyer make an argument in court wherein he noted: “You only have those rights you can defend.” This, I think, is at the core of the issue. Most people, including, sadly, most Americans, believe they are imbued with certain ‘rights’ simply because the Constitution lists those issues as rights. They also believe that ‘government’ is supposed to protect their rights. Both of these ideas are, quite simply, not true. You only have the rights you can defend, YOURSELF! That, my friends, is a natural law, and is not amenable to change by any document.

    Governments, which are run by people, will always have an agenda which tends to limit the rights of its citizens, for all governments are only interested in maintaining the status quo. To expect anything else is not logical. But, because we humans are adept at denying our own nature, due to not having a clue what it entails to BE human. So, people decide what they believe will protect them from reality, which, quite frankly, is both shortsighted, and foolish.

    Anyone who wishes to use a gun will do so. You only have your own ability to protect yourself from harm; no government, no police force, and no other human is capable of protecting your rights, for that is YOUR responsibility. Get used to it, for that is, as noted, natural law, not subject to mitigation by humanity’s imagination, no matter how much we would wish it to be so….

    gigoid the dubious

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