Closing Thought–06Oct17

The year is 1961 and a recent Nightly News broadcast has told the world that the Sec. General of the Untied Nations, Dag Hammarskjold has been killed in a plane crash in Africa.

I bring this up because it is one of my first memories of me be interested in what is happen on the international stage….I recall that there was a wealth of speculation swirling around the crash…..was it shot down?  Was it engine trouble?  Was it a direct attack on the plane?

To this today there are still questions being asked with few good answers…..

Conspiracy theories claiming the 1961 plane crash that killed UN chief Dag Hammarskjold was orchestrated by the US government and its allies have been circulating for years—and may have just gained some weight. A fresh investigation into the Swedish diplomat’s death has uncovered a “significant amount of evidence” that his Douglas DC-6 plane was brought down by another aircraft while on a peace mission in Africa, according to a UN report seen by the Guardian. The report—based on undisclosed data provided by the US, UK, Belgium, Canada, and Germany—adds that both the US and UK had spies or surveillance aircraft near Ndola, in what is now Zambia, and intercepted radio traffic at the time the plane was brought down near Ndola’s airport.

Both the US and UK should therefore have evidence that, if presented, could solve the 56-year-old mystery, former Tanzanian chief justice Mohamed Chande Othman writes in the report. He notes the appointment of independent officials to search US and UK archives “is a step that must be taken before this matter … may rest.” But based on the evidence compiled so far—including witness accounts describing other aircraft in the area and flames coming from Hammarskjold’s plane before impact—”it appears plausible that external attack or threat may have been a cause of the crash,” Othman concludes. He also notes evidence may back up the theory that a Belgian pilot working for rebels in the area mistakenly hit the plane with a warning shot meant to keep the plane from landing.

Like I said….this incident is what lead me down my path of international relations and study…..


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–06Oct17

  1. I remember when that happened. Of course, no matter what the truth is, there will be conspiracy theorists who will never let go of their pet theories. Look at the Kennedy assassination. The conspiracy theorists have already begun circulating a “two-person” story about the Las Vegas shooting that left 58 dead (the shooter can go to hell and doesn’t count) and hundreds wounded. Woo hoo! Bring out the aluminum foil!

    The US Post Office put out a commemorative honoring Hammarskjold a year later, and a sheet turned up in the hands of a private collector with the yellow printed upside down. Rather than let the mistake enrich the fellow, they ran a new run of the stamp with the yellow printed upside down.

    The link is to a full story about that stamp and the error:

  2. In the event that you missed the notification – The 3 Green Berets killed in action in Niger were identified:
    Staff Sergeants, Bryan Black; Jeremiah Johnson and Dustin Wright. All from the 3rd Special Forces Group]

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