Closing Thought–05Oct17

Dammit!  I’m Hungry!

There has been many stories coming out of the 3 hurricanes that hit the United States this year….the loss of power, lack of potable water, the destruction, deaths and the biggie…..shortage of food.

This president has a lop-sided view of the ones that hit mainland US and the one the hit the territories….the latest the lack of food for those in Puerto Rico…there is cure for the mainland but not for the islands…..

The governor of Puerto Rico has claimed the Trump administration turned down a request that food stamps be made available for use in fast-food restaurants and in other places that serve prepared hot meals, amid power cuts and food shortages on the island.

Puerto Rico was devastated by Hurricane Maria several weeks ago, leaving many of its inhabitants without running water or electricity—making it extremely difficult to prepare meals.

Island officials had requested that the U.S. federal government permit food stamps—on which almost 40 percent of Puerto Rico’s population, (or 1.3 million people), relies—to be used to purchase hot meals or in fast-food restaurants; a request the island’s governor said on Tuesday had been denied.

Source: Hurricane Maria: USDA Waives Food Stamp Restriction in Puerto Rico, Spokesperson Says

I am sure this is an oversight by some mid-level bureaucrat…..but if true it is a despicable act….like I said….If True.

Is this what this country has become?  Classifying Americans?  Some get benefits others do not.  A New form of segregation?


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–05Oct17

  1. ‘Some’ Americans have always been better than others, haven’t they?
    I’m hungry too. Very ‘English’ tonight. Beef sausages, mashed potato, and onions. Yum!
    I hope the people of Puerto Rico are eating tonight as well.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. It was Aristotle who pointed out, more than 2000 years ago, that “Man is by nature a political animal”, an assertion that caused some degree of consternation then, and continues to do so today. The way I see it, man has the unfortunate habit, whether naturally, or by choice, to create hierarchies in their own minds, assigning various degrees of importance to people, to ideas, and to places or things. This, sadly, does NOT reflect the real world, where nothing at all has any more importance than any other; it is only the human mind which seems to want to place things into a hierarchy, thus setting the stage for conflict, because no two people will ever have the same judgment as to which ‘thing’ is more, or less important….

    I think the comments thus far show that quite clearly; both I see have already made their own judgments, and assigned everyone else to perdition for having different beliefs….

    SIGH…. silly humans can’t even figure out how to deal with their own nature. What makes them think they can apply their rules to reality? Only their own minds….

    gigoid, the dubious

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