Closing Thought–10May17

Are you an old fart?

I am and proud that I made it to my 70th year.

It would seem that after a life of work and paying into the system that old age should offer some rewards….not so with this new Trumpcare thing.

There has been much written and much debated about this new plan coming from the cowards of the government….the GOP.

(if you would like to check out the plan before you comment)

Source: Republican Health Care Spin –

Looks like us old farts will be paying more for our health care under the rules of Trumpcare…..I’m so glad you morons voted for this toad……

The words “somebody’s going to pay” are rarely comforting ones, and when they’re coming from the Health and Human Services Secretary, and he’s talking about whether health care is going to be affordable for older people under the plan he’s endorsing, they’re even more ominous. But that’s how Tom Price bats away concerns that this bill is really bad for older people.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” HHS Secretary Tom Price was asked about part of Republicans’ bill that widens the possible ratio of premium prices between young and old people from 3:1 to 5:1, allowing insurers to charge older people more.

“That’s going in the wrong direction,” Steve Doocy said.

“Well, it’s pricing for what individuals’ health status is, and that’s important to appreciate,” Price said. “Somebody’s going to pay for health coverage for the American people, and the question is how do you do that. And right now, what we’re seeing is that the current plan doesn’t work, because you’ve got 20 million individuals out there who’ve said, ‘Nonsense, I’m not even going to participate in this process.'”

Source: Tom Price admits older people would pay a lot more under Trumpcare, says ‘somebody’s going to pay’

This is great news (sarcasm) for nothing is more needed by a senior than a higher medical bill….

Now that I have depressed myself….I think I will take a nap….back tomorrow with more stuff…..chuq

Comey If You Will

All the news you will NEVER use!

Comey is gone but will he be forgotten?

Some are saying that this situation is a perilous moment in our democratic nation…..and others think Comey got what he deserved…..

Is President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey a dangerous moment for American democracy, a justified and long-overdue move, or something in the middle? Like much about the Trump administration, it depends on whom you listen to. Opinions are sharply divided on the surprise firing and the reasons for it, though both sides tend to agree that Comey handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation very poorly. A roundup of opinions:

  • This is a “perilous moment” for the US, according to the New York Times editorial board, which says that while Comey certainly bungled the Clinton investigation, it’s clear that Trump fired him for other reasons. “The president of the United States, who is no more above the law than any other citizen, has now decisively crippled the FBI’s ability to carry out an investigation of him and his associates,” the board warns.
  • Comey had to go because he “made law enforcement decisions that probably influenced the outcome of the presidential election, a terrible precedent for our democracy,” writes John Yoo at Fox News, praising Trump for making a “tough call” and urging Democrats to support the move.
  • “What Trump is doing here is not simply unpredictable. It is potentially very dangerous,” writes Chris Cillizza at CNN. “Removing the person charged with overseeing an investigation into a foreign country attempting to influence US elections by hurting one candidate (Clinton) and helping another (Trump) sends a chilling message up and down the federal bureaucracy—not to mention the populace.”
  • The Wall Street Journal editorial board says Comey deserved to be fired and the agency deserves a fresh start. “A new FBI director who looks at the Russia evidence with fresh eyes and without the political baggage of the last year will have a better chance of being credible to the American people,” they write.
  • At the New Republic, Brian Beutler calls this a “moment of truth” for US democracy. If this is not a “calamitously ham-fisted attempt to obstruct the Russia-Trump investigation,” he writes, there needs to be a special prosecutor appointed to handle the Russia probe and Trump needs to nominate a nonpartisan replacement for Comey.
  • Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post is no Comey fan—she says she would probably have fired him herself, given the chance—but she finds Trump’s timing and rationale very fishy. “Trump’s priority is, first and always, Trump,” she writes. “Which raises the question: Knowing, as he must have, that firing Comey would set off a firestorm, why did he calculate that this move was in his self-interest?”

Personally I think he should have been fired….but back in November 2016 not now….it is a bit suspect to fire him via email (a cowards way of doing it)….but now that he is gone who will trump pick to take his place….will he do the right thing or will he pick someone who spends some on their knees worshiping him?

Who will it be?

James Comey is out as director of the FBI—but who’s in? Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, has become acting director and is a potential candidate to fill the post permanently, reports CNN. But he’s not the only one. John Pistole, the FBI’s deputy director under former President George W. Bush and TSA administrator under former President Obama, is a possibility, as is Ray Kelly, who served as NYPD commissioner for 13 years before joining Bill Clinton’s administration, CNN reports. Fox News names Trey Gowdy, the former chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, as another possibility. Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie could also get the promotion, though the choice of either would be heavily criticized.

Republicans and Democrats have suggested Comey’s replacement be a credible individual with a background in law enforcement. Democrats add the person should have no political or professional link to Trump; both Giuliani and Christie backed Trump during his campaign and have remained close to him. We won’t be long in suspense: A White House official tells the New York Times that Trump plans to fill the post by the end of the week. He offered no clue to his feelings in a tweet Wednesday, but said Comey’s replacement “will do a far better job, bringing back the spirit and prestige of the FBI,” per the Hill. The appointment needs just 51 votes to pass the Senate. (Many are calling Comey’s firing “Nixonian.”)

Rudy?  Seriously?  Just what we need to dole out justice a political ideologue….

That aside….what are the chances of a “special prosecutor”?

Amid the uproar following James Comey’s surprise firing, many have called for a special prosecutor to take up the probe into Russian interference with the 2016 US presidential election—but those people are going to be disappointed. A new investigation would “only serve to impede the current work being done,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor Wednesday, per Politico. As FBI director, Comey was heading up the bureau’s investigation into the matter (as well as whether President Trump’s campaign team was involved), but the Senate Intelligence Committee is also running its own investigation, and McConnell said “too much is at stake” in that investigation to appoint special counsel, Time reports.

Did anyone really believe that the cowards in the GOP would put country before party?

NO such luck!

These toads will play politics as the country burns… least Nero gave the public some music…..

The Ghost Of Watergate

It looks like the year 1972 has come a calling……I am speaking of the Watergate  scandal that rocked the Nixon presidency that led to his resignation.

There has been a wealth to write about with the Russia thing and the Flynn thing….there have been several investigations started to look into whether there has been any wrong doings or a cover-up.

Like the Watergate thing we are having causalities….political causalities…..

The director of the FBI, James Comey, has been fired by the Trump admin……

James Comey has been fired as FBI director by President Trump, the AP reports. ABC News tweeted a copy of the White House statement on the matter, which says that Trump acted “based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” Trump says the move will mark “a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement.” Senior government officials tell the New York Times that Sessions was given the job of coming up with a reason to fire Comey last week. Democratic leaders point out that Sessions had recused himself from the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign—an investigation Comey was leading, the New York Daily News reports.

Rosenstein says Comey was fired for his handling of the Clinton email situation, saying he “cannot defend” Comey’s behavior, the Times reports. Both Sessions and Trump had previously praised Comey’s actions leading up to the election. According to Talking Points Memo, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer wonders if the Russia investigation was “getting too close to home” for Trump and calls for a special prosecutor to continue the investigation. CNN has a copy of Trump’s termination letter to Comey, in which Trump says he “greatly appreciate[s]” Comey assuring him, “on three separate occasions,” that he is not under investigation, but nonetheless he does not believe Comey can effectively lead the FBI. Comey, who was only three years into a 10-year term, learned of his firing from television reports, which began airing on screens behind him as he spoke to FBI employees in LA. The letter was subsequently delivered to FBI headquarters.

There will be much written in the next few days… let my start with a rundown……

  • The abrupt firing puts the future of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged links to Russia and Democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to continue the probe, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most Republicans didn’t go that far, though Sen. John McCain called for the creation of a special congressional committee.
  • The BBC looks at the letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommending Comey’s firing. Rosenstein cites Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, especially his “usurpation” of authority in announcing that the probe would be closed without charges.
  • ABC has Trump’s letter firing Comey in full. “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau,” the president writes.
  • Politico spoke to a wide variety of experts about the constitutionality of the move, and received a wide range of answers, with some declaring a constitutional crisis and others saying Trump made a completely correct call. Comey’s “mishandling of the Clinton investigation and his usurpation of prosecutorial decisions” would have been enough to get him fired under any administration, according to University of Virginia law professor Saikrishna Prakash.
  • Aaron Blake looks at comments Trump has made about Comey and the Clinton investigation in recent weeks and concludes that the president was looking for an excuse to fire the FBI director. By misstating facts about the Clinton investigation at a Senate hearing, Comey gave Trump the excuse he needed, Blake writes at the Washington Post.
  • The AP looks at key moments leading up to Comey’s firing, including his letter to Congress Tuesday correcting earlier testimony.
  • Axios answers seven questions about the firing, including what happens next: Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe will take charge until the Senate confirms a replacement.
  • Democratic Sen. Bob Casey was among those calling the firing “Nixonian,” though the Richard Nixon Library begged to differ, reports CNN. Nixon “never fired the director of the FBI,” the library tweeted.

These days of bullshit news appearance is everything….and this action will make Trump appear guilty of something least of all a cover-up.  This action will create many questions and the best way to get to the heart of the matter will be with a special prosecutor…..

Will the ghosts of 1972 return?

Who will be the next victim?

What Happened To Campaign Promises?

Does anyone recall the rhetoric coming from candidate Trump?  There were many and even some that I agreed with, at least in principle…..but since his election to the presidency they seem to be falling away one by one.

And yet his supporters do not care that they were lied to….their support is as strong as ever….and some of us are asking why?

America use to hold their elected officials to a high standard but those days are long gone…..and still people are asking the eternal question….what the Hell happened?

I read an attempt to explain what is happening to the promises made on the campaign trail…..

Back in December of 2016 I wrote an article titled “Trump Is Exactly Where The Elites Want Him”, which I think was very difficult for a large part of the liberty movement to read and accept. In that article I outlined the future of the Trump presidency; a future dominated by Washington insiders, Goldman Sachs internationalists and Neo-Con warmongers. Trump, at the very onset of his administration, broke one of his most important campaign promises — to “drain the swamp.” Instead, he filled his cabinet with all of the same swamp creatures he originally attacked; the same swamp creatures Hillary Clinton was notorious for serving.

I also warned in numerous articles that because of this initial broken promise, conservatives should not expect that Trump would fulfill most if any of his original plans. In the BEST CASE SCENARIO scenario, Trump is surrounded by enemies dictating policy from every corner and corridor of the White House.

Source: The Real Reasons Why Trump Has Flipped On His Campaign Promises

It is a good piece that explains the flipping of Trump….but there are still other questions that need explaining…..but I do not think I am the one that can do the subject justice…..

If you bothered to read the post….what do you think?

Iraq And The Troops

The year is 2009 and we had a new president that had promised to bring our troops home from Iraq by Christmas……

Well troops came home and from the get go there has been a steady deployment of US troops back to Iraq.  There are talks these days about after the defeat of ISIS how many American troops would remain in Iraq……

With Mosul the last major city to be invaded, ISIS is expected to soon have little to no remaining territory. US officials have made clear that this won’t impact their deployment to Iraq, and talks are now said to be ongoing to cement that as a reality.

After the last US occupation, Iraq was eager to be rid of as many of the occupation troops as possible. This time, the US is arguing that any situation which doesn’t include an open-ended US military presence will end up with a new insurgency cropping up, and US officials are insisting that the Iraqis agree.

Of course, the expectation is that as soon as ISIS loses all its territory it will just go back to being an insurgency anyhow, and the presence of US troops isn’t going to impact that at any rate, beyond whatever agreements are made to have them involved in defending sensitive targets.

Ongoing talks are mostly centered on what form the permanent US deployment will take, and if the Bush-era talks are to be any indicator, the focus is likely to be on ensuring that US forces have absolute legal immunity for anything they do in Iraq.


It appears that the Iraqis are telling a different tale about the days after the defeat of ISIS…….

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has been forced to deny that US combat troops will remain in his country following the final defeat of the Islamic State group.

The denial followed comments by US and Iraq officials in the Associated Press which said that US secretary of defence James Mattis was currently in talks with Abadi to maintain a “modest” US military presence in Mosul after the defeat of IS.

Source: US troops won’t stay in Iraq after Islamic State is defeated, says PM | Middle East Eye

There seems to be of a bit of confusion about what will happen if and when ISIS is defeated….will the US retain troops in Iraq or is that just wishful thinking?

Personally I say bring them home they have done enough to secure Iraq for Iraqis…now let them stand up and do this fighting for themselves.

Central Asia: A New Breeding Ground

I recently had a contract with a business man that needed some research on Central Asia for he was about to do business in the region……I wrote about gig……..

Source: Central Asia–A New Frontier – In Saner Thought

I have also written about all the countries that make up the region known as Central Asia.

Source: Tajikistan–Revisited – In Saner Thought

Source: Inside Kyrgyzstan – In Saner Thought

I revisited this contract from the past to illustrate that I have had my eye on the region….especially with the War on Terror.

Appears as if the recruitment and training of terrorists has moved into the region…….

Even before the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm, during which a Central Asian native drove a truck in a crowd of pedestrians at high speed, other immigrants from the region were suspected of launching two terrorist attacks in Turkey last year, along with the recent one committed in St. Petersburg.

The fact that the man suspected of Stockholm attack, which resulted in the death of four people, came to the EU from Uzbekistan drew the attention of western security operatives to the former Soviet republics of Central Asia that have recently become a source of extremism.

But how natives from CIS countries have so suddenly become a major terrorist threat to the world? The answer is pretty logical, since the rise of terrorism in Central Asia is closely linked to the chaos that Afghanistan has been submerged into in the last couple years.

Source: How Come Central Asian States have Become a Breading Ground for Terrorism | New Eastern Outlook

Central Asia is a region that few consider for anything…..but the tide is turning as they say for ISIS in the Middle East and there will be hunt for a new region to destroy and proclaim a caliphate….

Our foreign policy wonks should do well to keep this region on their radar.