Comey If You Will

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Comey is gone but will he be forgotten?

Some are saying that this situation is a perilous moment in our democratic nation…..and others think Comey got what he deserved…..

Is President Trump’s firing of FBI Director James Comey a dangerous moment for American democracy, a justified and long-overdue move, or something in the middle? Like much about the Trump administration, it depends on whom you listen to. Opinions are sharply divided on the surprise firing and the reasons for it, though both sides tend to agree that Comey handled the Hillary Clinton email investigation very poorly. A roundup of opinions:

  • This is a “perilous moment” for the US, according to the New York Times editorial board, which says that while Comey certainly bungled the Clinton investigation, it’s clear that Trump fired him for other reasons. “The president of the United States, who is no more above the law than any other citizen, has now decisively crippled the FBI’s ability to carry out an investigation of him and his associates,” the board warns.
  • Comey had to go because he “made law enforcement decisions that probably influenced the outcome of the presidential election, a terrible precedent for our democracy,” writes John Yoo at Fox News, praising Trump for making a “tough call” and urging Democrats to support the move.
  • “What Trump is doing here is not simply unpredictable. It is potentially very dangerous,” writes Chris Cillizza at CNN. “Removing the person charged with overseeing an investigation into a foreign country attempting to influence US elections by hurting one candidate (Clinton) and helping another (Trump) sends a chilling message up and down the federal bureaucracy—not to mention the populace.”
  • The Wall Street Journal editorial board says Comey deserved to be fired and the agency deserves a fresh start. “A new FBI director who looks at the Russia evidence with fresh eyes and without the political baggage of the last year will have a better chance of being credible to the American people,” they write.
  • At the New Republic, Brian Beutler calls this a “moment of truth” for US democracy. If this is not a “calamitously ham-fisted attempt to obstruct the Russia-Trump investigation,” he writes, there needs to be a special prosecutor appointed to handle the Russia probe and Trump needs to nominate a nonpartisan replacement for Comey.
  • Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post is no Comey fan—she says she would probably have fired him herself, given the chance—but she finds Trump’s timing and rationale very fishy. “Trump’s priority is, first and always, Trump,” she writes. “Which raises the question: Knowing, as he must have, that firing Comey would set off a firestorm, why did he calculate that this move was in his self-interest?”

Personally I think he should have been fired….but back in November 2016 not now….it is a bit suspect to fire him via email (a cowards way of doing it)….but now that he is gone who will trump pick to take his place….will he do the right thing or will he pick someone who spends some on their knees worshiping him?

Who will it be?

James Comey is out as director of the FBI—but who’s in? Comey’s deputy, Andrew McCabe, has become acting director and is a potential candidate to fill the post permanently, reports CNN. But he’s not the only one. John Pistole, the FBI’s deputy director under former President George W. Bush and TSA administrator under former President Obama, is a possibility, as is Ray Kelly, who served as NYPD commissioner for 13 years before joining Bill Clinton’s administration, CNN reports. Fox News names Trey Gowdy, the former chairman of the Select Committee on Benghazi, as another possibility. Rudy Giuliani or Chris Christie could also get the promotion, though the choice of either would be heavily criticized.

Republicans and Democrats have suggested Comey’s replacement be a credible individual with a background in law enforcement. Democrats add the person should have no political or professional link to Trump; both Giuliani and Christie backed Trump during his campaign and have remained close to him. We won’t be long in suspense: A White House official tells the New York Times that Trump plans to fill the post by the end of the week. He offered no clue to his feelings in a tweet Wednesday, but said Comey’s replacement “will do a far better job, bringing back the spirit and prestige of the FBI,” per the Hill. The appointment needs just 51 votes to pass the Senate. (Many are calling Comey’s firing “Nixonian.”)

Rudy?  Seriously?  Just what we need to dole out justice a political ideologue….

That aside….what are the chances of a “special prosecutor”?

Amid the uproar following James Comey’s surprise firing, many have called for a special prosecutor to take up the probe into Russian interference with the 2016 US presidential election—but those people are going to be disappointed. A new investigation would “only serve to impede the current work being done,” said Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor Wednesday, per Politico. As FBI director, Comey was heading up the bureau’s investigation into the matter (as well as whether President Trump’s campaign team was involved), but the Senate Intelligence Committee is also running its own investigation, and McConnell said “too much is at stake” in that investigation to appoint special counsel, Time reports.

Did anyone really believe that the cowards in the GOP would put country before party?

NO such luck!

These toads will play politics as the country burns… least Nero gave the public some music…..


8 thoughts on “Comey If You Will

  1. Former FBI Director Comey should have been dismissed when he violated the Hatch Act, the timing of his dismissal now is directly related to the investigation of the Trump/Russian connection.

  2. Knowing, as he must have, that firing Comey would set off a firestorm, why did he calculate that this move was in his self-interest?”
    A very good question to ponder.

  3. This dominated the news here too. That seemed unusual, as we generally couldn’t care less who runs the FBI, or the CiA, or anything else. Then it was all about Trump being ‘unfit to rule’, I suppose.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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