Closing Thought–10May17

Are you an old fart?

I am and proud that I made it to my 70th year.

It would seem that after a life of work and paying into the system that old age should offer some rewards….not so with this new Trumpcare thing.

There has been much written and much debated about this new plan coming from the cowards of the government….the GOP.

(if you would like to check out the plan before you comment)

Source: Republican Health Care Spin –

Looks like us old farts will be paying more for our health care under the rules of Trumpcare…..I’m so glad you morons voted for this toad……

The words “somebody’s going to pay” are rarely comforting ones, and when they’re coming from the Health and Human Services Secretary, and he’s talking about whether health care is going to be affordable for older people under the plan he’s endorsing, they’re even more ominous. But that’s how Tom Price bats away concerns that this bill is really bad for older people.

In an interview with “Fox & Friends,” HHS Secretary Tom Price was asked about part of Republicans’ bill that widens the possible ratio of premium prices between young and old people from 3:1 to 5:1, allowing insurers to charge older people more.

“That’s going in the wrong direction,” Steve Doocy said.

“Well, it’s pricing for what individuals’ health status is, and that’s important to appreciate,” Price said. “Somebody’s going to pay for health coverage for the American people, and the question is how do you do that. And right now, what we’re seeing is that the current plan doesn’t work, because you’ve got 20 million individuals out there who’ve said, ‘Nonsense, I’m not even going to participate in this process.'”

Source: Tom Price admits older people would pay a lot more under Trumpcare, says ‘somebody’s going to pay’

This is great news (sarcasm) for nothing is more needed by a senior than a higher medical bill….

Now that I have depressed myself….I think I will take a nap….back tomorrow with more stuff…..chuq


9 thoughts on “Closing Thought–10May17

  1. I have five years to go to catch you up. I am already depressed by tax laws here that tax my pensions, after I already paid tax on the money I earned to fund them. I sometimes wonder if it’s worth bothering, to be honest. But I keep on, just as you do.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I watched the Carney speech on the news. No real surprises, as we knew it would create hard times, and make foreign travel expensive. But it makes exports cheaper, and at least we get to make some of our own laws soon!
        One of those ‘difficult choices’, but I just had to make it. Couldn’t forgive myself if I had voted to stay in that pile of Euro-corruption.
        Regards, Pete.

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