Central Asia: A New Breeding Ground

I recently had a contract with a business man that needed some research on Central Asia for he was about to do business in the region……I wrote about gig……..

Source: Central Asia–A New Frontier – In Saner Thought

I have also written about all the countries that make up the region known as Central Asia.

Source: Tajikistan–Revisited – In Saner Thought

Source: Inside Kyrgyzstan – In Saner Thought

I revisited this contract from the past to illustrate that I have had my eye on the region….especially with the War on Terror.

Appears as if the recruitment and training of terrorists has moved into the region…….

Even before the recent terrorist attack in Stockholm, during which a Central Asian native drove a truck in a crowd of pedestrians at high speed, other immigrants from the region were suspected of launching two terrorist attacks in Turkey last year, along with the recent one committed in St. Petersburg.

The fact that the man suspected of Stockholm attack, which resulted in the death of four people, came to the EU from Uzbekistan drew the attention of western security operatives to the former Soviet republics of Central Asia that have recently become a source of extremism.

But how natives from CIS countries have so suddenly become a major terrorist threat to the world? The answer is pretty logical, since the rise of terrorism in Central Asia is closely linked to the chaos that Afghanistan has been submerged into in the last couple years.

Source: How Come Central Asian States have Become a Breading Ground for Terrorism | New Eastern Outlook

Central Asia is a region that few consider for anything…..but the tide is turning as they say for ISIS in the Middle East and there will be hunt for a new region to destroy and proclaim a caliphate….

Our foreign policy wonks should do well to keep this region on their radar.


4 thoughts on “Central Asia: A New Breeding Ground

  1. Those former Soviet republics are Islamic nations with money and influence now. It is certain that they are going to flex their muscles on the world stage at some point.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I have been doing research on the region as I am under contract….some have money others not so much…and that is where the problem will begin….chuq

      1. Good post….I was in Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan….years ago….those mountains were amazing….I traveled to Moscow in the days of the In-Tourist Hotels…..and was followed wherever I went…very cool and so James Bondish…LOL chuq

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