The Ghost Of Watergate

It looks like the year 1972 has come a calling……I am speaking of the Watergate  scandal that rocked the Nixon presidency that led to his resignation.

There has been a wealth to write about with the Russia thing and the Flynn thing….there have been several investigations started to look into whether there has been any wrong doings or a cover-up.

Like the Watergate thing we are having causalities….political causalities…..

The director of the FBI, James Comey, has been fired by the Trump admin……

James Comey has been fired as FBI director by President Trump, the AP reports. ABC News tweeted a copy of the White House statement on the matter, which says that Trump acted “based on the clear recommendations of both Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and Attorney General Jeff Sessions.” Trump says the move will mark “a new beginning for our crown jewel of law enforcement.” Senior government officials tell the New York Times that Sessions was given the job of coming up with a reason to fire Comey last week. Democratic leaders point out that Sessions had recused himself from the investigation into ties between Russia and the Trump campaign—an investigation Comey was leading, the New York Daily News reports.

Rosenstein says Comey was fired for his handling of the Clinton email situation, saying he “cannot defend” Comey’s behavior, the Times reports. Both Sessions and Trump had previously praised Comey’s actions leading up to the election. According to Talking Points Memo, Democratic Sen. Chuck Schumer wonders if the Russia investigation was “getting too close to home” for Trump and calls for a special prosecutor to continue the investigation. CNN has a copy of Trump’s termination letter to Comey, in which Trump says he “greatly appreciate[s]” Comey assuring him, “on three separate occasions,” that he is not under investigation, but nonetheless he does not believe Comey can effectively lead the FBI. Comey, who was only three years into a 10-year term, learned of his firing from television reports, which began airing on screens behind him as he spoke to FBI employees in LA. The letter was subsequently delivered to FBI headquarters.

There will be much written in the next few days… let my start with a rundown……

  • The abrupt firing puts the future of the FBI’s investigation of the Trump campaign’s alleged links to Russia and Democrats are calling for a special prosecutor to continue the probe, the Wall Street Journal reports. Most Republicans didn’t go that far, though Sen. John McCain called for the creation of a special congressional committee.
  • The BBC looks at the letter from Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein recommending Comey’s firing. Rosenstein cites Comey’s handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation, especially his “usurpation” of authority in announcing that the probe would be closed without charges.
  • ABC has Trump’s letter firing Comey in full. “While I greatly appreciate you informing me, on three separate occasions, that I am not under investigation, I nevertheless concur with the judgment of the Department of Justice that you are not able to effectively lead the Bureau,” the president writes.
  • Politico spoke to a wide variety of experts about the constitutionality of the move, and received a wide range of answers, with some declaring a constitutional crisis and others saying Trump made a completely correct call. Comey’s “mishandling of the Clinton investigation and his usurpation of prosecutorial decisions” would have been enough to get him fired under any administration, according to University of Virginia law professor Saikrishna Prakash.
  • Aaron Blake looks at comments Trump has made about Comey and the Clinton investigation in recent weeks and concludes that the president was looking for an excuse to fire the FBI director. By misstating facts about the Clinton investigation at a Senate hearing, Comey gave Trump the excuse he needed, Blake writes at the Washington Post.
  • The AP looks at key moments leading up to Comey’s firing, including his letter to Congress Tuesday correcting earlier testimony.
  • Axios answers seven questions about the firing, including what happens next: Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe will take charge until the Senate confirms a replacement.
  • Democratic Sen. Bob Casey was among those calling the firing “Nixonian,” though the Richard Nixon Library begged to differ, reports CNN. Nixon “never fired the director of the FBI,” the library tweeted.

These days of bullshit news appearance is everything….and this action will make Trump appear guilty of something least of all a cover-up.  This action will create many questions and the best way to get to the heart of the matter will be with a special prosecutor…..

Will the ghosts of 1972 return?

Who will be the next victim?


27 thoughts on “The Ghost Of Watergate

  1. If Hillary Clinton were in the white house under the same circumstances she would already be under impeachment process. The Republicans are failing to take responsibility for the job they were elected to. The Russian connection trail is getting to close to the white house and that is why James Comey, who was charged with leading the Russian/Trump investigation, was summarily fired supposedly based on actions regarding HC that occured last year and was praised by the Trump campaign at the time. Now prompted by AG Sessions (a racist heading our DOJ) who recused himself from any issue with any connection to the Trump campaign and Russian connection. The timing of this firing is chilling, we have a constitutional crisis in our nation.

    1. I also believe there is a crisis….we must resolve it….I love hearing the GOP tap dance around this situation…they are spinning it any way but the truth…typical….chuq

      1. So very disturbing. The Trumps and their gang of thugs are above the law…that is the message we are receiving from the GOP.

      2. I think our very democracy is at stake. I think the blow back against the republicans in 2018 will be shocking. I suspect Mr. Rubio is very concerned about his “job”.

      3. The Senators may be safe depending on what they do with health care but the House is another story….they will be in deep do-do….chuq

      4. If we don’t get more interest in finding the truth regarding the cyber attack by Russia against our country from these sheeples that occupy both houses, they will be in deep do do.

      5. I am more concerned about the possibility that some in the Trump camp were on the Russian payroll….probably the FSB…..chuq

      6. Nothing would surprise me at this point. Trump could do a great deal to prove he has no connection to Russia with the release of his income tax forms.

  2. On another blog yesterday, I suggested that all networks should be showing the film’ All The President’s Men’ on a loop. How soon they forget…
    Regards, Pete.

  3. Partisan politics aside, this is actually the point when it does start smelling like Watergate. There was that slow-building smell a corpse being slow-cooked in a crock pot. Things seeped out and soldiers fell/got pushed onto their swords. Maybe Comey can give Woodward & Bernstein a call. But he needs a more modern code name for when they meet in underground parking lots…Bukkake perhaps?

    (Cue Sedate Me falling down the nostalgia hole)

    But I sure as shit wouldn’t mind being sent back to 1972!!! Even though I wasn’t even a spermatozoa yet, the 70’s was the last decade I actually liked. The groovy clothes, the groovy cars, The music…everything was groovy. In 1972, hockey became even groovier with the birth of the WHA. And unlike Trump, we didn’t kneel down to the Russians. We Canucks beat them in ’72! (Praise be to Paul Henderson) Even politics was fairly groovy, and unlike from 1980 on, lefties were in ascendancy.

    The entire culture was just more prone to…letting it all hang out. It’s as if the entire decade was a fondue pot where everything was dipped in tasty, gooey, cheese….Oh, and I’d just LOVE to trade in the infamous pussy grabber for an infamous pussy eater in this ’72 classic.

    1. The 70’s were cool or as you say groovy…..WHA….I believe the Colorado Rockies were there and then became the New Jersey Devils…..Hell I would trade this dude for Gary Hart….chuq

      1. Thanks for sending me down the Nostalgia Hole, pal!!! After searching out the ultra-cool photo of the Philadelphia Blazers’ Derek Sanderson (linked to in the above comment), it’s taken me a week to crawl back out…and I’m still not out! As revenge, I force you to read the following in it’s entirety.

        I’m sure I’ve previously discussed with you the New Jersey Devils’ Ultra-Top-Secret franchise history as the Colorado Rockies & Kansas City Scouts (1974-82). But apparently, you’re now old enough where I must explain the same things to you over & over. 😉

        So, here’s a refresher. The Rockies were ONLY an NHL franchise. The lovable losers had a decent following, a few decent players, a great logo and one great coach (out of the 27 they tried).

        And, yes. Denver DID have a short-lived WHA team, the Denver Spurs. They started as a minor league team (WHL) for 6 years. But they were (empty) promised entry into the NHL for 76-77. However, 2 things happened in between. #1) In 1975, the magnificent McNichols Arena was finished. #2) The WHL folded and the Spurs were forced to join a 2nd tier minor league (CHL).

        After just one CHL season, the owner realized it’s impossible to fill (or pay the rent of) a 16,000+ seat arena with a 2nd tier minor league team. The team wouldn’t last another season. So, he asked to join the NHL a year early by buying the floundering Oakland Seals and putting them in Denver. His request came back flatter than a Denver omelette. So, he went to the WHA. They let the Spurs play in the WHA for the 75-76 season. Or more accurately, 1975. Not only did his team suck and his fans expect the NHL, he had a bigger problem. Shortly after he joined the WHA, the vengeful rat-fuckers in the NHL decided to move the KC Scouts to Denver for 76-77. Thus the Colorado Rockies were born! However, a gunfight in the McNichols corral over fewer fans than required to carry ONE team would’ve ended in the death of both.

        I can certainly see how a marginal hockey fan could get very confused. Four different hockey leagues in 4 years??? McNichols itself had the WHA one year and the arch-rival NHL the next. (Hint: The Spurs wore orange and their logo was a cowboy boot on a skate blade. The Rockies wore dark blue with a mountain logo.)

        The Spurs owner…who had been promising NHL hockey and bragging how great it was for 3+ years (See: the ultra-rare 45′ song/interview below…which I swear my dad owned)…felt the NHL’s stick pushing up his saddle and looked for a horse to ride out of town on.

        The Spurs owner sold the team to an Ottawa group during a New Years Eve party. The Spurs were on the road at the time. Supposedly, the players found out at the start of the next game. They stepped onto the ice, were announced as the Ottawa Civics, and the Canadian national anthem was played for them. To add to the insanity, the Denver ex-owner claimed he still owned the playing rights of the team’s best players and started auctioning them off to other teams!!! Within a few weeks, the WHA stopped the nonsense and revoked Ottawa’s franchise. Thus the Spurs skated off into the sunset, never to be seen again.

        Ahhh the WHA! The league that captured the “Letting it all hang out” attitude of the day better than any other. They had wild hair, groovy uniforms and cool theme songs. Play it, Pucky The Whale!

        It was wide open hockey with crazy brawls. During a fight, one of the Hanson Brothers (from the Paul Newman movie, Slap Shot) pulled off Bobby Hull’s toupee. This clip represents the kind of mayhem from just 3 Indianapolis Racer’s games, arguably the WHA team LEAST known for fighting. These players were willing to sacrifice anything to win/please the fans for a fraction of what the average spoiled NHL player gets today.

        And batshit crazy players! The Toronto Toros goalie was Shirley MacLaine before Shirley MacLaine! He believed he had been re-incarnated dozens of times. Whenever he took a puck to the chest, he went down in a heap and “re-experienced” a fatal, past-life, wound to the chest he suffered during the…wait for it….The Spanish Inquisition!!! Needless to say, playing against the Cleveland Crusaders was quite traumatic for him. But he saw being a goalie as a punishment for a past life as an executioner and accepted his fate. Eventually, he retired to a hippie ashram in India. How 70’s is that???

        So…yeah…where’s my fucking time machine???

      2. Oh, I forgot 2 “Grattoony the Loony” (The Toronto Toro’s goalie) stories.

        1) He bailed out on a game where he was to go face-to-face with Evil Knievel in a “Thousand bucks a goal” Penalty shot showdown in the intermission. The backup replaced him. I think it ended up 3-2 for Evil.

        2) Gratton also literally “let it all hang out” in Maple Leaf Gardens by paying off a debt by streaking during a practice. Just his face mask & skates. The press took pictures they couldn’t run.

      3. Just putting my (otherwise useless) History degree to work! 🙂

        But man, putting that together was as fun as it was…depressing. But I noticed there’s a LOT more WHA shit on the Web-pipes than even just 5 years ago. Maybe I’m not the only one wishing he was back in those days.

        Okay, unless you’ve got questions, I’m climbing out of the Nostalgia Hole now….All right…just one more time with the New England Whalers theme (Brass Bonanza) and I’m moving on…Honest.

      4. Damn your ass!

        I knew a New England Whaler season ticket holder for a few years. He loved that team. His brother turned out to be a serial rapist & murderer in the Canadian Armed Forces. Probably no connection to growing up watching the Whalers. Probably.

        The New England Whalers (and the NHL Whalers that -grr- moved to the “hockey hotbed” of North Carolina in the 90’s) had numerous uniform tweaks. They wore all-green for 20+ years and then bizarrely changed to navy-blue for their last couple years.

        They started life with a logo hanging on a horizontal harpoon. Nice & nautical. But after they left Boston for Connecticut, they switched to the “W” and added a whale tail (No, not the exposed thong kind) poking above it. And yes, at some point, they turned the tail blue.

        But the best part of their uniform was always Pucky the Whale. (Pucky with a P.) The smiling whale was a shoulder patch on their uniform until the mid 80’s. However, he was a BIG part of their promotion material, T-shirts, record albums, etc, especially in the early days.

        My friend LOVED that happy whale. He held a mock funeral (featuring an oil-lamp burning ceremony) for Pucky when the team did him in for being “not professional enough”. To this very day, 30 years after his murder and 20 years after the Whalers abandoned Hartford, you can STILL buy Pucky the Whale T-Shirts.

        For a look at their various uniforms….

      5. Sorry about that….I live in Mississippi and we have a team…use to be the Sea Wolves and they won the Kelly Cup in 1996, I believe….they are now defunct mand now all we have is TV…I appreciate the time you take with the hockey history….than….chuq

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