Are You A Collectivist?

Anybody here ever watch Star Trek–The Next Generation?

If so then you will recall the Borg….the nemesis of the Federation.  But what were the Borg?

……Their existence is in the Collective where each drone was part of the collective consciousness……they all received the same thoughts and information from those that were assimilated…..

And that got me thinking about “collectivism”……

Scratch your head and repeat after me…..HUH?

These days someone is always labeling others with some insulting tag or another…..such as “globalist”, “socialist”, “Fascist”, “apologist”… why not “collectivist”?

So onto a definition…..trying not to confuse too many at one time…..

Collectivism is a form of anthropomorphism. It attempts to see a group of individuals as having a single identity similar to a person. The collective is claimed to have ideas, and can think. It has purpose, and it acts to achieve goals. It even has a personality, called culture. It claims to have moral rules the collective should follow. It claims to have collective rights, as well.

Since the collective is actually just individuals interacting, the collectivists have to change their views of individuals. They morally evaluate people according to the results of the collective. If the collective manages to accomplish something great like land on the moon, every individual is given equal credit. If a nation goes to war, everyone is to blame. And if an individual refuses to acknowledge the superiority of his collective, than he is a traitor and is eliminated. This is the result of collectivism.

Collectivism demands that the group be more important than the individual. It requires the individual to sacrifice himself for the alleged good of the group. Although different from altruism, collectivism complements it well. Altruism demands sacrifice for others, collectivism demands sacrifice for the group. Collectivism leads to altruism.

Now that you have a handle on what collectivism is all about…..we will move onto what brought about the thought process that gave you this post.

We have a new way of thinking about our place in this society…..first of all….America has always been great and these days it needs to find itself again

Those involved with the America First revival and the campaign to “make America great again” seem to be forgetting that America was made great in the first place with freedom. Personal freedom and civil liberties, and economic freedom with the protection of private property rights, freedom of contract and association, and especially free markets.

It was the philosophy of individualism upon which America was founded and in which the people had real freedom — and thus, prosperity.

unfortunately, Donald Trump’s collectivist agenda involves a mystical nationalism with policies of authoritarian governmental controls, certainly not promoting individualism and inviolable free markets.

Source: Are You A Collectivist?

I have noticed that some bloggers fall into this trap….they just repeat the lousy info they have assimilated….in essence they are part of the “hive”…the collective.

“Resistance is futile….You will be assimilated”……..would make a great slogan for Breibart and other hate filled sites.


18 thoughts on “Are You A Collectivist?

  1. Hmmm… but if the republicans all look like Seven of Nine I might consider joining the collective. Oh, wait.. that was Voyager.
    I rather liked “Q”.. someone thinking they are omnipotent and popping up anywhere. Wait… wouldn’t that be “T”?

  2. Being the life long Star Trek fan I am, this post certainly resonated with me. It makes a lot of sense in that the die hard group of Trump supporters aren’t phased by anything negative he does; seems to be someone else that is to blame, always. Breaking free of this mentality is difficult for the ones already assimilated as it forces them to be individuals. There’s a comfort in being “part of the group” that is hard to give up.

      1. It was Spock who said to Trelane, “I object to you. I object to intellect without discipline; power without constructive purpose.”
        Exactly what I would say to the president.

      2. Good quote…Spock be da man…..Mark Cuban said “I do not want the stupid to be silent for I want to know who the morons are” probably a paraphrase…..chuq

      3. One of my fave Churchill quotes applies…
        “The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter.”

        I do like that Mark Cuban quote. There are a lot of stupid people blogging.. but at least we know who they are. 🙂 (Nooo.. I am not stupid.. the other guy is.)

      4. Hahaha…..I know that feeling….another one that makes a lot of sense these days….”beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance”…..chuq

      5. hehe.. yeah, chuq.. that one pretty much sums up all the far right blogs.

  3. I am not a huge Star Trek fan, but there was something fascinating about the Borg. especially the Queen. I recall rooting for them over Pickard, anyway.
    Regards, Pete.

  4. I can see many Republicans as part of the Trump Collective but where does Trump fit into that description since assumedly he sets the ideas, morals, and culture of the Collective? Is he metaphorically the Queen? Didn’t watch the show faithfully but it presents a funny picture in my feeble mind.

    Still waiting for Godot – read KYHC. ~~dru~~

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