Closing Thought–22Mar17

Enter The Religious Police!

In countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran there is a group called the religious police….they make sure that everyone follows the religious laws of the land.

There is a growing concern by those with no brains about the establishment of sharia law here in the USA…..first only a moron would believe such bullshit and second…looks like a church in Alabama wants its own police force….

A bill designed to allow a church to have its own police force is moving forward. Alabama’s Senate judiciary panel has passed a measure that would let Briarwood Presbyterian Church in Birmingham create the force, reports NBC News. The force would coordinate with local police to protect the 4,100-member church, which has 2,000 students and teachers at two K-12 schools and a seminary on its sprawling campus, says the church’s administrator. He cited the recent attacks on churches and schools as the motivation for the move, while a concerned member tells the AP, “Anyone can wander in here unchallenged at any time.” The bill now moves on to the full Senate.

“Officer presence is the No. 1 line of defense,” says longtime Republican Rep. Arnold Mooney, who introduced the bill and whose wife and daughter work at Briarwood Christian School. The ACLU of Alabama is among those opposing the bill on constitutional grounds, along with another that would allow churches in the state to appoint armed congregants to provide security with legal protections: “These bills unnecessarily carve out special programs for religious organizations and inextricably intertwine state authority and power with church operations.” The AP notes that the police-force bill passed the Legislature last year, but Gov. Robert Bentley did not sign it. Bentley has not said what he would do this year.

Why not hire security guards if security is truly their only concern?

Now if a church has its own police force does that not make them the religious police?

If this is successful where will it lead or where will it end?  If successful this needs to be challenged in court.

Maybe these mental midgets should worry about their own backyard and stop making shit up just to push their agenda of hate.

Just a thought.

That does it for me for the day….I shall return tomorrow with more stuff.


12 thoughts on “Closing Thought–22Mar17

  1. Having been in the security business for over six years now, and having been a business person in a past life many times over, I have taken a critical view of the security market and security as a business entity over the years. It hasn’t quite hit people yet, but terrorism (or the fear of terrorism) might just open up greater security opportunities in the area of expanded, or augmented, security forces formed by regular neighborhoods, and maybe even private institutions of considerable size… like this church who using the approach that they are like a small city. The thing with this church is they want their officers to have powers of arrest and detention like regular police. I agree… the granting of police authority should only be made to public entities that maintain oversight and are comprised of those who hold the public trust through elections… and not a specific function representing a private singular interest.
    I would NOT recommend hiring third party security guards, even if armed. It’s common to do that because it’s far cheaper and entities who do that want someone to stand there simply as a deterrent wearing an “official” uniform.. and in most case it gives the employees and the walk-in public a false impression of safety. In the case of this church.. they are obviously willing to pay big bucks if they want to hire “authentic” police. Just invest it into a private security force.. pay them the same wage and provide training specific to the site.

    1. If they are worried about their parishioners then maybe go to them to solve the problem….carrying a gun does not one safe…..but I get what you are saying I do not like the idea of a religious police force….smacks of something other than security….chuq

  2. You policing is confusing to a foreigner like me. County Sheriffs, State Police, City Police, Metro Police, Parish Officers, Campus Police, FBI, ATF, and so on and on… You have a very ‘overcrowded’ policing system indeed. If you end up getting Church Police too, it will only confuse me even more.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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