The Prophetic Movies

Sunday and a day in the sun….doing boring stuff like getting the garden ready….

 Now moving on…….

For a  couple of months all the American society has been a bit …..(thinking)….screwed up.

If you are looking for some entertainment this fine day then may I suggest a couple of movies that can help to explain the situation brewing in the good old US of A…..

Bring me the soothsayer!

Throughout history there have been those talented folks that some called prophets, seers, soothsayers, etc.

But these days we do not hold much interests in soothsayers….but what if our popular form of entertainment, movies, were filling that gap?

Since the election of Trump there has been an uptick in the interest in the prophetic movies like 1984…books as well….but there are 5 dystopic movies to watch…..

Watch the short video……

Source: 5 Dystopic Movies That Are Coming True Right Now

And since most of these are older than the last election….we can safely say that this is……”Life Imitating Art”…..

Enjoy you day and I will return tomorrow to start a new week of posting and ranting… well my friends…..