Make Time For Sex

Another Sunday and more time in the sun….having to get the garden ready for installation….

Back in the early days of this blog….when I was using the Blogger format…..I tried to increase my readership by inserting the word “Sex” into the title even if there was nothing sexual involved in the post….back in those days I was lucky to get 5 hits a week….so from time to time I still find something about sex to report to my readers…..

I read about a Swedish town that was worried about their declining population and came up with a solution…..

A local Swedish official also wants to help people create those babies.

Per-Erik Muskos, a councilman from the small town of Övertorneå, has announced plans to give the municipality’s 550 employees paid time off to have sex.

“There are studies that show sex is healthy,” Muskos told AFP, adding that couples in Sweden weren’t spending enough time together. “It’s about having better relationships.”

Muskos’ plan for paid sex breaks, however, is really just a proposal to amend an existing work break given to employees for fitness and exercise. Employees already get one paid hour off each week to work out; Muskos is suggesting they should also be allowed to go home and have sex during that time. He said sex was often a form of exercise “and has documented positive effects on well-being,” though employees could, of course, abuse the benefit and just work one hour less.

I also read where Denmark was having the same problem and was looking at the Swedish model…..

But with all this sex talk Spain has come up with a novel idea….for they also are facing the population thing……a Sex Tsar

Spain has appointed a ‘sex tsar’ to encourage the declining population to ramp up procreation in a bid to reverse a dip in the birth rate.

The country reported a higher number of deaths than births for the first time last year, prompting the government to take action.

Those aged 18-49 reportedly had an average of 1.3 children, below the European Union’s (EU) figure of 1.58.

A declining birth-rate is a common feature across many European countries but Spain’s figures means it has one of the lowest birth-rates in the developed world.

In response and faced with an impending population crisis, the government has appointed Edelmira Barreira to the position of sex tsar.

The portfolio was created by Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy and Ms Barreira, a demographic expert, will help draft a document for a national strategy of demographic imbalances.

A helluva idea….a sex tsar.  The US has more “tsars” than we have hairs on our butts…but I cannot see the stodgy GOP going for this type of government involvement….unless they can give tax breaks for Viagra…..or a Swedish Penis Pump.

Why do so many really good ideas come out of Europe?

And then there is the new condom that lets its wearer enter into the 21st…..ain’t technology grand?

Sexting may be about to rise to a whole new level with the introduction of what is being billed as the first “smart condom.” The i.Con—think of it as a FitBit for the penis, per the Sun—tracks the particulars of each sexual encounter and lets users download the data to their phones and share it. It uses a nanochip and sensors embedded in an adjustable condom ring that measures penis size and tracks things like the number and velocity of thrusts, skin temperature, and calories burned. UK manufacturer British Condoms says it will also be able to detect STDs, reports Mashable, though the website points out that the latter claim is still being tested.

The company is currently taking pre-orders but isn’t accepting payments until a release date in 2017 is finalized. So far, the i.Con is available only in the United Kingdom, but the company says distribution will go global if demand is high enough. The ring would cost about $74 in US money. The i.Con has the potential to open a bold new frontier for hackers, but British Condoms promises that “all data will be kept anonymous”—unless users themselves decide to share it, reports CNET.

I am spent…I need a smoke and a nap….LOL

That be it….I will finish my weekend with a smile and will return to my usual pensive self come Monday…

Peace Out my friends.