Closing Time–20Mar17

Nap Time For Bonzo!

The big story of the day is the Comey testimony and Brady’s Super Bowl jersey has been found…one is news the other mindless garbage….you decide.

Ever since Trump nominated and then was approved Rex Tillerson for the position of SecState I have been a critic….I did not think that this guy has material to handle the diplomacy of this country…..

He holds few news briefings and travels with no reporters that will report on his screw ups.

Recent I read that Tillerson skipped a meeting with a prominent diplomat in DC because he was fatigued and needed a nap.  Being an old fart I understand the need for a power nap every now and then….but sometimes it is not the best time.

If you have been watching the news or even listening to the ramblings of some alt-Right asswad then you will know that we are having a bit of a problem with the North Korean situation.  So much so that Tillerson went to the region for meetings with Japan, China and South Korea…I am guessing that they were holding meetings on North Korea.

While Tillerson was in South Korea he cut his visit short because he was fatigued and needed some rest……

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson warned of nuclear war with North Korea on Friday, a grim and alarming statement not to be taken lightly. But with the American media sidelined during Tillerson’s four-day visit to Asia, it has largely fallen on the South Korean press to report on the state of the negotiations, and how the U.S. and South Korea are planning to move forward together. It is through The Korea Herald, then, that it was revealed Tillerson cut short his meetings with South Korean leaders because he was too tired.

Source: Rex Tillerson reportedly cut short badly needed diplomatic consultations about North Korea because he was tired

Fatigued?  Too tired?  He does realize that there is a nuke program that needs attention?  But nap first?  Is that his plan?  I feel as if we are in good hands (sarcasm)

I think there are two options….one–fire this toad and find someone with foreign service experience….but if that is not on the list then I suggest a supply of Red Bull or any other energy drink to help him stay awake for important stuff.

Christ!  My dog could do a better job as SecState…I know she is smarter than Tillerson and she can stay awake long enough to do her duty.

By “Wiretapping” He Did Not Mean Wiretapping

By now most Americans are over this wiretapping controversy, especially the “Ignorati”(strong Trump supporters)….but the humorous part is the “spokespeople” Trump allows to go out and make the case…..

Some of my fave quotes from these dolts…..

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Obama Could Have Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump”

“Yes, Kellyanne Conway just suggested Trump Tower could have been monitored through TVs and microwaves (sad part is this has been picked up and now we are getting all sorts of dire warnings about our appliances).

”The Bergen Record journalist asked her was “do you know that Trump Tower was wiretapped?” — and said she’s “not in the job of having evidence.”

Then there was Spicer….another fave of mine…..

When answering a question about the “taps” he said “He did not mean “wiretapping” (the use of air quotes) when he said wiretapping. (I like this one)

Then the president himself had to add to the idiocy……

“Wiretap covers a lot of different things,” Trump tells Carlson. “I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.”

They just cannot shut up….they keep trying to explain something that cannot be explained…..

But by all means let there be an investigation…..

The White House is standing by its explosive allegation that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower phones—despite the Senate Intelligence Committee’s finding that there’s no evidence for the claim. “Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016,” committee chief Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican, said in a statement with ranking Democratic Sen. Mark Warner. The statement came the day after a similar statement from the head of the House Intelligence Committee, the New York Times reports.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday that the president stands by the claim. During a testy news conference, Spicer refused to answer questions about the president’s reaction to the congressional statements. Instead, he repeated that the president meant surveillance when he said “wiretapping” and read out news reports he said backed up the claim, becoming annoyed when reporters told him they were based on the “anonymous sources” the White House has often criticized, Politico reports. Spicer repeated Trump’s claim that more information will surface in the weeks ahead. (The Breitbart editor who wrote the story Trump may have based the claim on says it was more of a “potential scenario.”)

Time to end this.  It all began because some juvenile person had to Tweet something that was a “scenario” not a actual program.  You want this to stop then someone grow a pair and cut-off the Twitter button to the president.

If you want this to end then maybe it is time to have a talk with the idiot that began the controversy.

2017 Defense Budget

I have written about the overall budget and how it will most likely effect the people of this country…..not a pretty picture….but I can take heart that word has come down that Trump will get some push back on these social cuts…..

One area that needs to be covered separately is the pending Defense budget…..Trump is asking for huge increases with all the “savings” he has found by crapping on social programs…..a look at those parts of the Defense budget…..

The Pentagon’s request for $30 billion in additional funds for the current year will go toward new aircraft and weapons and the fight against Islamic State, according to officials who on Thursday detailed President Donald Trump’s federal budget supplement. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

By presenting the majority of its fiscal year 2017 defense supplemental funding request as base budget dollars rather than special war funding, the Trump administration has set itself on a collision course with Congress, top Pentagon budget officials confirmed Thursday. – Defense News

President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal promises to lay the groundwork for his much-anticipated military buildup. But it is already being criticized as over-hyped. – Politico

The White House released its Fiscal Year 2017 supplemental funding request today, which had been touted as being focused on gaining near-term readiness but may come too late to fully support operations and maintenance additions in this current year. – USNI News

Mackenzie Eaglen writes: President Trump is proposing to increase military spending in his first budget blueprint to Congress. By how much is debatable, since there is no agreed-upon baseline from which to measure growth. But one outcome is clear: the president’s proposed defense budget increases are inadequate to meet his stated goals of rebuilding the U.S. military. – The Hill

Todd Harrison writes: As was the case some thirty years ago in the Reagan buildup, the decisions made today will determine the capabilities available thirty years from now—and most of the men and women who will serve in that future force have not yet been born. Military and civilian leaders are latching on to the idea of a “readiness crisis” in the hopes of securing short-term budgetary gains. But they would be wise to slow down and consider the long-term consequences of how they grow the defense budget. – Defense One

This is all too worrisome…..this country has been at war for 25 years or more and this budget does nothing to change that trajectory…..if anything it makes it worse.

The Pentagon can’t properly train and support the people and weapons it already has. Simply adding more won’t solve the problem — and could undermine long-term readiness.

As the budget debate kicks into high gear this week, many in Congress and the new Administration are pushing for a substantial increase in the defense budget. Much of the justification for this increase rests on the notion that the military is experiencing a “readiness crisis.” In recent Congressional testimony, the Army noted that two-thirds of its Brigade Combat Teams are not at an acceptable level of readiness because of personnel shortages, maintenance backlogs, and insufficient training. Of those that are ready, the Army says that “only three could be called upon to fight tonight in the event of a crisis.” In the same hearing, the other Services echoed the Army’s claims. The Navy reported that “overall readiness has reached its lowest level in many years,” and the Air Force reported that it is “now able to keep only half of our force at an acceptable level of readiness.”

Source: Trump’s Bigger Military Won’t Necessarily Make the US Stronger or Safer – Defense One

I do not believe that this is the answer to “Making America Great Again”…..

Escalate……Escalate……Dance To The Music

Afghanistan–America’s forgotten war!

Afghanistan is seldom in the news these day unless someone goes batcrap crazy and has violent breakdown.

Just a few facts about this conflict……opium production is at an all time high…..the Taleban takes in more and more territory…..USA troops are still doing what they have been doing for a decade…..surviving….making do as it were.

Plus three U.S. soldiers were wounded when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, U.S. officials said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast in Nangarhar province, where loyalists to the group have been operating since 2015.

We have a new president and it seems he has the same plan as his predecessor….keep on keeping on…..with one small difference……his generals want to escalate……

As a candidate, Trump was critical of America’s land wars but his generals and GOP hawks want to send more troops into Afghanistan, 16 years after 9/11.

“We made a terrible mistake getting involved in the first place,” he told CNN in October, referring to the war in Afghanistan, which he called a “mess.” “I would leave the troops there begrudgingly,” the then-presidential candidate added. “Believe me, I’m not happy about it.”

Source: Trump Has Called the Afghan War a “Mess.” His Generals Want to Escalate It.

More troops to Syria a desire to escalate in Afghanistan……and so it begins.

Given America is constantly expanding its military footprint around the world—most recently into Syria and the Central African Republic—one can be forgiven for forgetting about the longest war in the history of the United States: the war in Afghanistan. But a new column by retired colonel and professor Andrew Bacevich pulls the war back into focus, and the picture is not pretty.

Despite over 15 years of support, the government in Kabul currently controls only 63% of the country. It is likely to lose control of more territory with serious advances by Taliban forces in the last year [PDF]. The government has been rife with corruption primarily related to stealing U.S. development funds and facilitating heroin smuggling. Afghanistan remains the world capital for opium production, and is even hitting new highs.

Source: Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace In Afghanistan

This field of conflict is getting pathetic…time to declare a win and come home.

In case anyone actually cares and I doubt they do……

It’s being called an “insider attack” in some reports, but an incident today in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province, in which three US soldiers were shot and wounded by an Afghan soldier, does not appear to have involved an infiltrator, as most previous incidents have.

Col. Mohammad Rasool Zazai, an Afghan Army spokesman, insisted the soldier “made a mistake” and had not deliberately fired his gun. The soldier, as yet unidentified in public statements, was apparently killed in the incident.

Because of the size of the Afghan military and its low pay, recruiting standards are very low, and this has allowed a number of Taliban to infiltrate, stealing weapons or using their access as “soldiers” to carry out attacks on the rest of the Afghan security forces.


And the song continues.

The Kagans, It’s A Family Affair

Washington is a town of movers and shakers…..some move in the oil circle….others move in the financial side of life…..and then there are the Kagans…..a family ass deep in war.

Their candidate of choice in the last election was Clinton, Hillary, they were invested in her hubby too when he ran the world.  Once their candidate was handed her ass they slinked off into the shadows…..and after awhile theyt are back and you can bet that war will soon raise its ugly face yet again.

The neocon royalty Kagans are counting on Democrats and liberals to be the foot soldiers in the new neocon campaign to push Republicans and President Trump into more “regime change” wars,

The Kagan family, America’s neoconservative aristocracy, has reemerged having recovered from the letdown over not gaining its expected influence from the election of Hillary Clinton and from its loss of official power at the start of the Trump presidency.

Back pontificating on prominent op-ed pages, the Family Kagan now is pushing for an expanded U.S. military invasion of Syria and baiting Republicans for not joining more enthusiastically in the anti-Russian witch hunt over Moscow’s alleged help in electing Donald Trump.

Source: The Kagans Are Back; Wars to Follow – Consortiumnews

The roulette wheel is turning….where will it stop…..who gets the lucky roll?