2017 Defense Budget

I have written about the overall budget and how it will most likely effect the people of this country…..not a pretty picture….but I can take heart that word has come down that Trump will get some push back on these social cuts…..

One area that needs to be covered separately is the pending Defense budget…..Trump is asking for huge increases with all the “savings” he has found by crapping on social programs…..a look at those parts of the Defense budget…..

The Pentagon’s request for $30 billion in additional funds for the current year will go toward new aircraft and weapons and the fight against Islamic State, according to officials who on Thursday detailed President Donald Trump’s federal budget supplement. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

By presenting the majority of its fiscal year 2017 defense supplemental funding request as base budget dollars rather than special war funding, the Trump administration has set itself on a collision course with Congress, top Pentagon budget officials confirmed Thursday. – Defense News

President Donald Trump’s new budget proposal promises to lay the groundwork for his much-anticipated military buildup. But it is already being criticized as over-hyped. – Politico

The White House released its Fiscal Year 2017 supplemental funding request today, which had been touted as being focused on gaining near-term readiness but may come too late to fully support operations and maintenance additions in this current year. – USNI News

Mackenzie Eaglen writes: President Trump is proposing to increase military spending in his first budget blueprint to Congress. By how much is debatable, since there is no agreed-upon baseline from which to measure growth. But one outcome is clear: the president’s proposed defense budget increases are inadequate to meet his stated goals of rebuilding the U.S. military. – The Hill

Todd Harrison writes: As was the case some thirty years ago in the Reagan buildup, the decisions made today will determine the capabilities available thirty years from now—and most of the men and women who will serve in that future force have not yet been born. Military and civilian leaders are latching on to the idea of a “readiness crisis” in the hopes of securing short-term budgetary gains. But they would be wise to slow down and consider the long-term consequences of how they grow the defense budget. – Defense One

This is all too worrisome…..this country has been at war for 25 years or more and this budget does nothing to change that trajectory…..if anything it makes it worse.

The Pentagon can’t properly train and support the people and weapons it already has. Simply adding more won’t solve the problem — and could undermine long-term readiness.

As the budget debate kicks into high gear this week, many in Congress and the new Administration are pushing for a substantial increase in the defense budget. Much of the justification for this increase rests on the notion that the military is experiencing a “readiness crisis.” In recent Congressional testimony, the Army noted that two-thirds of its Brigade Combat Teams are not at an acceptable level of readiness because of personnel shortages, maintenance backlogs, and insufficient training. Of those that are ready, the Army says that “only three could be called upon to fight tonight in the event of a crisis.” In the same hearing, the other Services echoed the Army’s claims. The Navy reported that “overall readiness has reached its lowest level in many years,” and the Air Force reported that it is “now able to keep only half of our force at an acceptable level of readiness.”

Source: Trump’s Bigger Military Won’t Necessarily Make the US Stronger or Safer – Defense One

I do not believe that this is the answer to “Making America Great Again”…..


7 thoughts on “2017 Defense Budget

  1. Yeah, that’s not good–if we can’t even get good training and skills for what’s already in the garage, why go buy them a ferrari? Why not go into better intelligence gathering and do the “hearts and minds” crap, because I don’t see us being liked the more bombs we drop. Violence begets violence, but I think Dump’s a bit like H.L.’s Joker here “some men just want to watch the world burn.”

  2. I’d like to see that spending report that detailed the wasted Pentagon spending to the tune of $125 billion make the rounds again. There would be no reason to ask for more money or dismantle social programs if they just spent money more wisely. It’s high time these ignoramus morons go back to school and take a few Accounting 101 courses to learn again how simple numbers work.

    $125 billion (savings) – $54 billion (increase spending) = $71 billion surplus

    1. There is the problem…defense accounting looks nothing like real accounting….do not forget the “black budget”…..there is NO accountability there….hope you had a good weekend and will have a better week to come….chuq

  3. If you are going to send more troops into Syria. then possibly help South Korea invade the North at the same time, you are definitely going to need a bigger budget!
    Regards, Pete.

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