By “Wiretapping” He Did Not Mean Wiretapping

By now most Americans are over this wiretapping controversy, especially the “Ignorati”(strong Trump supporters)….but the humorous part is the “spokespeople” Trump allows to go out and make the case…..

Some of my fave quotes from these dolts…..

Kellyanne Conway Suggests That Obama Could Have Used Microwaves to Spy on Trump”

“Yes, Kellyanne Conway just suggested Trump Tower could have been monitored through TVs and microwaves (sad part is this has been picked up and now we are getting all sorts of dire warnings about our appliances).

”The Bergen Record journalist asked her was “do you know that Trump Tower was wiretapped?” — and said she’s “not in the job of having evidence.”

Then there was Spicer….another fave of mine…..

When answering a question about the “taps” he said “He did not mean “wiretapping” (the use of air quotes) when he said wiretapping. (I like this one)

Then the president himself had to add to the idiocy……

“Wiretap covers a lot of different things,” Trump tells Carlson. “I think you’re going to find some very interesting items coming to the forefront over the next 2 weeks.”

They just cannot shut up….they keep trying to explain something that cannot be explained…..

But by all means let there be an investigation…..

The White House is standing by its explosive allegation that former President Barack Obama ordered the wiretapping of Trump Tower phones—despite the Senate Intelligence Committee’s finding that there’s no evidence for the claim. “Based on the information available to us, we see no indications that Trump Tower was the subject of surveillance by any element of the United States government either before or after Election Day 2016,” committee chief Sen. Richard Burr, a Republican, said in a statement with ranking Democratic Sen. Mark Warner. The statement came the day after a similar statement from the head of the House Intelligence Committee, the New York Times reports.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Thursday that the president stands by the claim. During a testy news conference, Spicer refused to answer questions about the president’s reaction to the congressional statements. Instead, he repeated that the president meant surveillance when he said “wiretapping” and read out news reports he said backed up the claim, becoming annoyed when reporters told him they were based on the “anonymous sources” the White House has often criticized, Politico reports. Spicer repeated Trump’s claim that more information will surface in the weeks ahead. (The Breitbart editor who wrote the story Trump may have based the claim on says it was more of a “potential scenario.”)

Time to end this.  It all began because some juvenile person had to Tweet something that was a “scenario” not a actual program.  You want this to stop then someone grow a pair and cut-off the Twitter button to the president.

If you want this to end then maybe it is time to have a talk with the idiot that began the controversy.


8 thoughts on “By “Wiretapping” He Did Not Mean Wiretapping

  1. Is anyone else fed up with this wire tapping story? it is dominating the news here now, because of the GCHQ connection. Why not just admit it goes on. Nobody really cares, do they?
    Regards, Pete.

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