Escalate……Escalate……Dance To The Music

Afghanistan–America’s forgotten war!

Afghanistan is seldom in the news these day unless someone goes batcrap crazy and has violent breakdown.

Just a few facts about this conflict……opium production is at an all time high…..the Taleban takes in more and more territory…..USA troops are still doing what they have been doing for a decade…..surviving….making do as it were.

Plus three U.S. soldiers were wounded when their vehicle hit an improvised explosive device in eastern Afghanistan on Monday, U.S. officials said.

The Islamic State group claimed responsibility for the blast in Nangarhar province, where loyalists to the group have been operating since 2015.

We have a new president and it seems he has the same plan as his predecessor….keep on keeping on…..with one small difference……his generals want to escalate……

As a candidate, Trump was critical of America’s land wars but his generals and GOP hawks want to send more troops into Afghanistan, 16 years after 9/11.

“We made a terrible mistake getting involved in the first place,” he told CNN in October, referring to the war in Afghanistan, which he called a “mess.” “I would leave the troops there begrudgingly,” the then-presidential candidate added. “Believe me, I’m not happy about it.”

Source: Trump Has Called the Afghan War a “Mess.” His Generals Want to Escalate It.

More troops to Syria a desire to escalate in Afghanistan……and so it begins.

Given America is constantly expanding its military footprint around the world—most recently into Syria and the Central African Republic—one can be forgiven for forgetting about the longest war in the history of the United States: the war in Afghanistan. But a new column by retired colonel and professor Andrew Bacevich pulls the war back into focus, and the picture is not pretty.

Despite over 15 years of support, the government in Kabul currently controls only 63% of the country. It is likely to lose control of more territory with serious advances by Taliban forces in the last year [PDF]. The government has been rife with corruption primarily related to stealing U.S. development funds and facilitating heroin smuggling. Afghanistan remains the world capital for opium production, and is even hitting new highs.

Source: Perpetual War For Perpetual Peace In Afghanistan

This field of conflict is getting pathetic…time to declare a win and come home.

In case anyone actually cares and I doubt they do……

It’s being called an “insider attack” in some reports, but an incident today in Afghanistan’s southern Helmand Province, in which three US soldiers were shot and wounded by an Afghan soldier, does not appear to have involved an infiltrator, as most previous incidents have.

Col. Mohammad Rasool Zazai, an Afghan Army spokesman, insisted the soldier “made a mistake” and had not deliberately fired his gun. The soldier, as yet unidentified in public statements, was apparently killed in the incident.

Because of the size of the Afghan military and its low pay, recruiting standards are very low, and this has allowed a number of Taliban to infiltrate, stealing weapons or using their access as “soldiers” to carry out attacks on the rest of the Afghan security forces.


And the song continues.


3 thoughts on “Escalate……Escalate……Dance To The Music

  1. “opium production is at an all time high”

    Yup and street prices for heroin at an all time low. Where is the war on drugs ? 70% world’s opium produced in Afgh. I think US also looks the other way as that is how they finance the whole stinking country. Several British pharmaceutical firms have offered to come in and set up the legitimate medical morphine production allowing Afgh profit but declined as more money in heroin. Heroin is now cheaper than opiate pain killer pills in US. This is not a war on terrorism. It is about two things: who will command the world heroin business and to create drug addicts in US to create “clients” for the criminal justice industry and employment for corrections officers and all related jobs. It is called the felonization of America. THIS IS NOT CONSPIRACY THEORY BUT CLEARLY EVIDENT. Minorities naturally affected most. You can’t get job as felon so how do men support their families? Naturally this leads to more poverty and need for welfare let alone decimate and break up families with parent unemployable or in prison. Why does US policy think it can neutralize a country’s terrorist base when if so inclined I could pay a few crack heads to pour gasoline down the elevator shaft of a building and make the whole thing burn which means attacks are planned right here so should vacate those countries. The terrorists do not need an army to fight. On the other hand the Islamic state and its various related brotherhoods must be destroyed but since most of the terrorist attacks occur in Islamic nations why aren’t they destroying the groups ? They certainly know who and where they are.

    1. Thanx Carl you summed it up nicely…..I read a piece that said the Army (US) was providing security for some of the fields….tax dollars at work…….chuq

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