Restoring Responsible ‘Conservatism’

For years the conservatives in this country were known to be a responsible form of governance.  The platform of the 1956 GOP platform illustrates the meaning of the term “responsible conservatism”…..

Back in those days they were as close as the US has had as a liberal since the turn of the 20th century.

As much as “liberal” has become a dirty word in U.S. politics, the word “conservative” has been ripped from all its honorable traditions and redefined as a dangerous form of radicalism,

What is it about the U.S. that makes it virtually the only country in the world where a political Left scarcely exists? We have a center Right — the Democratic Party. And we have a far Right — the Republican Party. In fact, just invoking the L-word “Liberal” can inflict quick political death. Yes, we’re safe from the Left here in America.

Having such a stunted political spectrum is bad enough in itself. Still worse is the utter corruption of the word conservative. U.S. society has allowed the Republican Party to hijack the word, distort it and redefine it to its own ends, against its real meaning.

Source: Restoring a Responsible ‘Conservatism’ – Consortiumnews

The day of a responsible Republican has long gone never to return.

What say you?


13 thoughts on “Restoring Responsible ‘Conservatism’

  1. I’ve grown tired of the two-party system as the choices are crap. Doesn’t matter where they currently stand, crap is crap no matter how much you polish it.

    1. Well, Andrew, I wonder if it’s it’s less about being a two party system and more about the differences reflected in being republican or democrat as being outmoded. or even obsolete. Interesting to imagine though… the electoral system might be worth keeping then as I’d hate for candidate getting the most popular votes getting elected when only 25% of voters wanted him/her.

  2. My girl friend went to the local grocery store just yesterday. As she was walking in she heard a voice behind her saying “Why don’t you go back to Mexico.”. Turnng around she saw an old guy, wearing one of “those” caps that defines what your politics are, addressing an older, short Hispanic-looking lady, leaving the store with her groceries in hand. The lady ignored him and went on. My GF was furious and said she almost decked the guy (she likely could have).
    This illustrates two things.. the confrontational attitude of American conservatism (as illustrated by the old guy), and a reactionary “alternative side” (note I didn’t say liberalism) by those offended (illustrated by the reaction of my GF).

    Being divisive is what a democracy is, but we temper it with a desire for compromise to get things done. This new conservatism is totally fear-based… racial fear, fear of loosing some “old school” idea of 40’s and 50’s America, fear of loosing their own interpretation of what the Constitution means to them, fear of non-Christian religions, fear of any perception of other countries wanting to “conquer” us economically or militarily, and most importantly, fear of America getting “too” non-white.
    We need to put the genie back in the bottle.. likely after Trump leaves.

    1. My uncle got a tongue lashing because he tried to cash his pension check from New Mexico…he was asked for his green card and told that international transactions were handle at their main office…actually the 1956 GOP platform had more progressive ideas than the 2016 Dem platform….chuq

      1. It’s a brave new world, chuq… but, it CAN be changed. (where’s my picket sign?)

  3. Unfortunately, even the conservatism of the Reagan era has died a long time ago. What we are seeing is the result of that decline in the alt-right with its authoritarian, xenophobic bent. I don’t ever see a comeback.

  4. Nice to hear at least one person writing that there is no ‘Left;’ in America. (Not much over here either)
    You just have different versions of the same right-wing ideas. Perhaps if you had an active ‘Left’ it might have got some more support, with the way things are going at the moment.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. I should of course have written ‘nice to read’, not ‘hear’.
        I enjoyed your article, which rang some bells from my own teenage years. I was always a hard-line Commie though. I considered ‘Socialists’ to be too wishy-washy for my taste. When I was a union organiser in the Ambulance Service, some called me ‘Stalin’, or ‘Red Pete’. I didn’t mind, as I believed in something, and they at least acknowledged that.
        I still don’t believe that many Americans know what a Socialist is though. If they think Sanders was one, they are sadly mistaken.
        Regards, Pete.

      2. They really do not have any idea…they use the term as an insult without any knowledge of what they are saying….I started off a socialist and became a member of the Communist League a little later…I try to educate but it is a hard nut to crack…..ignorance is bliss so to say….chuq

      3. Want to see of ignorance looks….then tell these naysayers that a communist is a socialist but a socialist is not a communist….you can watch their brains melt…LOL chuq

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