What The World Needs Is More Syria

Of course my friends the title is sarcasm……since the US has decided that more troops were needed and needed to be stationed within the borders of Syria the Middle East country has been foisted into the eye of the public…..

Since it is the talk of the town…..at least for us conflict wonks and foreign policy geeks….I would like to give my readers what the MSM is saying about Syria…..

I recently reported on the addition of 400 more troops for Syria…..I was worried….and with good reason…..

The US could double the number of ground troops it has in Syria over the next few weeks, the Washington Post reports. As Syrian Democratic Forces, comprised of Kurdish and Arab fighters, prepare for an assault on Raqqa—essentially the capital of the Islamic State in Syria—the US military is devising plans for sending up to 1,000 more troops to the area. There are currently approximately 500 US Special Operations forces, 250 Rangers, and 200 Marines in Syria.

The new troops wouldn’t be directly involved in combat, at least at first. They’d mostly be serving as advisers to Syrian Democratic Forces. However the move could lead to direct combat by US troops. The troop increase is likely to be approved by Defense Secretary Mattis and would then need President Trump’s approval. Trump has accused the Obama administration of being weak on Syria, where it had been hesitant to commit ground troops.

Like I said…it is only a matter of time….

More on Syria…….

Syrian military airstrikes on rebels were responsible for severing water supplies to 5.5 million people in the Damascus region for weeks starting last December, the United Nations said on Tuesday, rebutting government claims that insurgents were to blame. – New York Times

Syria’s civil war began six years ago this week as a popular revolt against the brutal regime of President Bashar Assad. Now a domestic uprising that has left an estimated 500,00 dead and millions homeless has morphed into a global war, sucking major powers into a conflict growing more volatile by the day. – USA Today

The European Union unveiled a plan to support the reconstruction of war-torn Syria on the eve of the sixth anniversary of the first protests against President Bashar al-Assad’s government. – Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty

Six years since the start of the uprising against President Bashar al-Assad, he is winning on the battlefield but Syria’s civil war is far from over, with his once stable country broken into fiefdoms ruled by rebels and warlords. – Reuters

The top U.N. human rights official called on Tuesday for tens of thousands of detainees to be released from Syria’s prisons and for torturers and executioners to be brought to justice as part of a lasting peace. – Reuters

The international community must do more to protect healthcare in Syria as medical services become targets of war, according to a study published in The Lancet medical journal on Tuesday. – Reuters

Frederick and Kimberly Kagan write: No single military operation can achieve victory in Syria. But an operation against the enemy’s heartland, freed of the constraints imposed by problematic proxies, would change the assumptions of America’s friends and enemies. President Trump should break through the flawed logic and poor planning that he inherited from his predecessor. He can transform this struggle, but only by transforming America’s approach to it. – Wall Street Journal (subscription required)

Read the report. “America’s Way Ahead in Syria” – American Enterprise Institute/Institute for the Study of War

I by no means agree with most of this “news” and analysis…..especially the analysis from AEI/ISW…..there will be more analysis from me soon on this situation…..until then hold your breath that this does not escalate beyond our capabilities to handle.

Syria is making its way to the forefront……promises will be kept and more Americans will be foisted into them cauldron of nation building……yet again.


6 thoughts on “What The World Needs Is More Syria

  1. Yep, who would thunk it … Trump’s “secret plan” for defeating ISIS? More ground troops. Oh yippee. Getting sucked into another war in the Middle East.

  2. We need to gracefully exit and bring our troops home. Anything short of that will only cause more problems for everyone except war profiteers.

  3. Sadly, I see only more US troops being sent to Syria, and in escalating numbers.
    Nobody wants to be the first to leave the dance.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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