Is Anyone Listening?

I figured since there are some that only comment on a post that they feel is important I would throw another one in there about all this crap about some alleged wiretap….

I have written about this before….I said then and I say now….we will have to wait to see if there is a collective courage to actually investigate this accusation.

For almost a week there has been lots of ink thrown a paper about this accusation…..and so far not much more has been proven to be true or false…lots of chatter and dog whistle bullshit.

After reading a piece in the Hill I thought I would give my readers something else to think about when it comes to this issue.

President Trump unleashed a tweet storm accusing his predecessor of tapping his phone in the month prior to the election.

Let’s review what President Trump is claiming. He writes that “Obama has had my ‘wires tapped’ in Trump Tower,” that the tap happened “in October, just prior to Election,” and, most importantly, that an application for a wiretap had been”turned down by court earlier”.

President Trump did not provide evidence to support these claims, and he may be making up facts about an application for a wiretap. But let’s take him at his word for three important reasons.

Source: 3 reasons we should take Trump’s word on wiretapping … for now | TheHill

Trump–let this go!  Why?  Even if you are proven to be right what have you gained?  Well, we will know how devious politicians are…..for the people already think they are devious and corrupt….what else will this prove?

What does this accomplish?

18 thoughts on “Is Anyone Listening?

  1. I said before, if there was a request to wiretap the Tower it is because there was enough smoke to indicate a fire that needed to be discovered but I think this is all BS and that it will be investigated at the expense of the taxpayer for whom Trump has no regard. He will “trump” up many things that he will demand be investigated to divert attention from his nefarious agenda.

      1. He knows what Trump wants? I am surprised that he would touch this with a ten foot pole but he seems to be in line with the agenda. Should be interesting!

      2. Something is rotten…not in Denmark but in the white house.

  2. I agree with you chuq, I’m tired of this “stuff”. I do think there should be an investigation and ultimately I’d be interested in the results. However, either way it doesn’t change the fact that Trump won. MIght change some of my opinions but not that fact. He probably won with nefarious doings on both sides of the contest but he won and it is time to keep our focus in the present.

    I wish, AS US OLD FARTS MIGHT SAY; Mr President you stay off the Twitter, stop going away for the weekends and buckle down to long haul reforms instead of flash in the pan type decisions. If he is correct about the wire tapping, than he is correct and investigation should uncover that. If not I fail to see why he would bring it up. I don’t really care and I don’t even like him so why should he care? Part of this is the media’s fault. Let it be!

    And now I am personally never going to say another word on the subject until an investigation is concluded….oh except for one last thing; I don’t think he misspelled in his Twitter post, just mistyped. Just like with potato all those years ago, who the bloody fuck cares?


  3. If Trump is proven right — ( and the left is now beginning to walk their criticism of him on this issue back as more Wiki Leaks documents and statements from previous administration officials are forthcoming) If Trump is proven right it will remove another weapon his haters have to try and use against him.

  4. This man is not held to account for his outrageous conspiracy theories. My Heavens, he’s the President of the most powerful nation on the planet !

  5. I think they should let all this go, and move on. As long as all this sludge is being stirred, nothing positive will happen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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