Can “Trumpcare” Be Saved?

The big story for the week is that of the news “Repeal and Replace” con…..although the wire tapping is the big deal on alt-Right blogs…..which is just a silly waste of ink.

The GOP trotted out their version of a health care plan and in typical form it does not cover the most people…but it will help make insurance companies and lobbyists rich.

The push back on this plan has come from many sides….even moderates and Republicans…..conservatives think it is a waste of time and effort….Us old farts have AARP watching our backs (and making money doing so)….and they are not on-board with the new plan….

Provisions in the House Republicans’ Obamacare replacement bill that would raise insurance costs for older Americans are drawing resistance from the influential seniors’ lobby.

The American Health Care Act, as Republicans are calling it, would allow insurers to make premiums for older Americans five times what they charge younger workers ― provided that a state’s regulations allow for it. Obamacare had capped this ratio, known as an “age rating,” at 3 to 1.

The measure was chief among the reasons AARP, the nation’s largest organization for older Americans, cited in explaining its opposition to the House bill on Tuesday evening

Source: Republicans’ Obamacare Replacement Just Got A Powerful Enemy | The Huffington Post

I am sure someone will say….”At least they have a plan”….which will be one of the dumbest statements of the year so far.

But why is this roll out going so badly for the GOP?

The outlook for the GOP leaderships’ ‘repeal and replace’ bill looks bleak. That said, I would not underestimate the ability of GOP leaders to get their members to vote for basically anything in the crunch. Also remember that House Republicans have a 20+ vote cushion. But it’s worth reviewing what I believe are three key reasons why the current legislation looks to be on life support just a day after it was released.

Source: Why Repeal and Replace Is Going So Badly

With all this bad press and downer news around the new AHCA does not mean that it is dead on arrival.  All the push back means nothing.

The GOP leadership will calling in all the guns to get it passed no matter how vocal some members want to be….the donors and the lobbyists will go to the members and call in all the favors they have done in the past.

For you see these people are spineless and will do as they are told.

But let’s say these toads keep on with the hatred for Trumpcare and it fails……what could be the repercussions?

House Republicans have laid out their alternative for ObamaCare, and it continues to take heat from both moderates and conservatives. A look at the latest coverage:

  • How many might lose coverage under the new plan? The Congressional Budget Office has not weighed in yet, but Standard & Poor’s estimates up to 10 million people. Of those, 2 million to 4 million would drop from the ObamaCare individual markets, while the rest are currently covered by Medicaid, per CNBC.
  • People in their 50s and 60s are particularly vulnerable because the age-related tax credits aren’t as generous for them as the subsidies they’d replace, explains the New York Times.
  • President Trump said he is “proud to support the replacement plan,” and he warned GOP lawmakers behind closed doors that they face an electoral “bloodbath” if they fail to come through, reports CNN.
  • Vox thinks this tweet is telling: “Biggest obstacle to House health bill: 7 GOP senators on fence—4 who said didn’t adequately protect Medicaid, 3 who say bill too generous.” Its assessment of the criticism from both sides is here.
  • Paul Ryan makes his case in a USA Today op-ed that this is the smartest approach. He cites rising premiums under the “collapsing” current law.
  • Ryan’s problem, though, is that virtually all conservative health care experts hate the plan. Politico has details. (Another prominent voice on the right, Ann Coulter, wants to know who wrote this “piece of crap,” per Mediaite.)
  • Bustle lays out the next steps for the legislation here, while Jonathan Chait at New York can’t understand why Mitch McConnell is rushing a bill “everybody hates.

With all this ink about the plan….do you actually know what it states?  Educate yourself so you do not look and sound foolish……

Here is the plan itself.

One bright spot in all this chaos…..

Bernie Sanders didn’t win the 2016 presidential race. He didn’t even win the Democratic presidential nomination. Yet the United States may have just taken a bigger step toward the left-wing dream of single-payer health care than if the Vermont socialist had indeed become America’s 45th president.

And who can Democrats and progressives thank for this surprise gift? House Republicans.

Source: How GOP bumbling just made single-payer health care more likely

Now that is the simplest plan…..and is that not what all are looking for?


10 thoughts on “Can “Trumpcare” Be Saved?

  1. I have had my own health insurance since 1966 and I could care less. People who took advantage of all the opportunities America held out to them have no reason to worry about what happens to the idea of Public Healthcare. It is the 47% and their ilk that will have cause to worry and to me that is a positive thing.

  2. The people I know who voted for Trump and all Republicans running for office in my state had high hopes for a positive change in the way this country’s run. Sadly, they are the people who will suffer the most if the Republicans continue messing with ACA. What an opportunity for Democrats in 2018 and 2020 if the Republicans muck the healthcare law up, a highly probable outcome.

    1. Have you noticed how many that voted for him are not holding him to his promises and defend everything he says and does…….that is scary chuq

      1. Yes, and it strikes me the same way. Delusional or just trying to calm their fears because they’ve been rooked? Don’t know.

  3. Making the people who need healthcare most pay more for it doesn’t seem right. If everyone paid the same, the younger people would eventually benefit, as they got older and developed conditions needing treatment. That’s commonsense, isn’t it?
    Regards, Pete.

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