Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

They have always been there….hiding in the shadows and popping up from time to time to throw out their bigoted mindset then slink back into the shadows….that is until 2016….the alt-Right, what they are calling themselves now so not to be confused with the GOP……has gotten the major toe hold they have been searching for for the last 100 years…….they even have their people in key positions within the government of the US.

Many Americans, contrary to popular belief, are worried about the rise of these “people”….to many these “people” are threatening……but why do these people feel so threatened?

Even in today’s acrimonious political landscape, nothing seems to draw as much vitriol as the minuscule “Alt-Right” (shorthand for an alternative to mainstream Conservatism Inc.). Indeed, if America’s political class organized 1984-style two-minute hates, the Alt-Right would be the star of the show with Richard Spencer substituting for Emmanuel Goldstein.

Given this aversion across the ideological spectrum, one might surmise that the Alt-Right embraced doctrines totally antithetical to core American values. Not quite. In at least in one key regard, the Alt-Right is as American as apple pie.

This apparent oddity flows from the movement’s paramount goal: preserving United States as a white ethno state, a nation with shared heritage, a single language and common biological ancestry. Ironically given the accusations of Alt-Right anti-Semitism, Israel with its total commitment to its Jewish identity is often heralded as the model for such a state.

Source: Why is the Alt-Right So Threatening? – The Unz Review

Yes Irene there are those that see creeping authoritarianism as a problem that needs to be stopped…..and there are those that say this situation could not happen here in the good old US of A…..

Donald Trump’s candidacy and now, presidency, have resurrected a public discourse not heard in this country since the Great Depression — an anxious discourse about the possible triumph in America of a fascist-tinged authoritarian regime over liberal democracy. It’s a fear Sinclair Lewis turned into a 1935 bestselling novel, It Can’t Happen Here — although, as Lewis told it, it sure as hell could happen here.

It did not happen, however. Not then, at least. Electing Franklin Roosevelt as president and taking up the labors of the New Deal, our parents and grandparents not only rejected the sirens of authoritarianism, they actually extended and deepened American freedom, equality and democracy. They subjected big business to public account and regulation; expanded the nation’s public infrastructure and improved the environment; empowered the federal government to address the needs of working people and the poor; mobilized farmers’ organizations, labor unions, consumer campaigns and civil rights groups and fought for their rights, broadening the “We” in “We the People.”

Source: Who Says It Can’t Happen Here? | By Harvey Kaye | Common Dreams

It is all part of a plot by the Ignorati.

Okay here is a good place for some replies from my readers….I feel that they are aware of the situation and have some amazing opinions….please share…..


11 thoughts on “Who’s Afraid Of The Big Bad Wolf?

  1. Trump is NOT F.D. Roosevelt, that’s for sure. His brand of America First probably isn’t the best approach at this point in our history, but the Alt-Right have managed to allow him to ascend to the highest position in the country. What I’m hoping is that “we”, the ones that aren’t members of the oligarchy, finally decide that it’s worth a little pain now (taxes, reform, legislation, regulations, etc.) for an extended period of prosperity. The New Deal carried this country well into the 1960’s once it finally got rolling in 1938. The problem is that something like that won’t have a chance of happening until Trump is kicked out or it’s 2020, whichever comes first. We need a modern 21st century version of what FDR was in the 1930’s.

    1. We do indeed…the problem is the GOP has people believing their BS on taxes…and since it hits the pocket books we will need to show how they are lying thru their teeth….it will take work but we can do it…I have faith….chuq

  2. Observing America, seems to me that the greatest oversight from analysts is realizing that section by section, as opposed to suddenly, the “alt-right” is in the process of completing its military coup, or completing the MIC take over of the government. It’s no longer a question of when it’s going to happen, it’s when it’s going to be complete with a “temporary” suspension of the constitution and election process, at least at the federal level, from there to complete and permanent dictatorship. But make no mistake about this: America is already run by its military and security forces, therefore it’s de facto a military dictatorship. It took much longer than a sudden, violent overthrow but it is much more effective, having left basically everybody holding nothing but old memories. The foregone conclusion was that what America did to so many nations around the planet, overthrowing democratically elected governments to impose US-MIC friendly dictatorships, would of necessity circle the globe to arrive at home. Fait accompli, gentlemen. For the time being individuals and groups can still talk about change, or even have controlled demonstrations as long as none of that affects the installed powers. The moment it threatens to expose it in a serious way, that’s when the “rights” are gone. Everything is now in place to crack down hard, establish the now covert dictatorship and ensure no one’s the wiser until after the crack-down. The money for the “wall” can just as easily be diverted to build massive prison and death camps.

    1. WE need to be vigilant against the rise and the installation of the alt-Right….it cannot be good for the nation…..and especially not for any of our “allies”….chuq

  3. chuq.. I totally love that term, Ignorati! While I do not assign any kind of organizational, covert, political plot to take over the country, much less the world, that the Trump supporters assign to the left as an excuse for their own alternative existence, it’s nice having a term that collectively “clusters” them all together.

    As suggested, the so-called alt-Right, extreme right, far right, whatever the current label.. has always been party of the American tapestry as much as it exists in most democracies.
    You presented…
    “This apparent oddity flows from the movement’s paramount goal: preserving United States as a white ethno state, a nation with shared heritage, a single language and common biological ancestry.”

    ..and that’s the exact definition. While that political-cultural thought has a place in America (desired or not) there exists variant opinions that can stride over extreme right and traditional right… and I tend to think that’s the majority. If one believes in that then the glue that holds both of those thoughts together is a passing Pied Piper like Trump (who is no longer just passing by, but has nestled in for at least the next four years).

    But, you know… I can certainly understand the need. and the urge, to try and interpret Trump and his supporters in order to try and break down where their deficiencies rest and the origins of their discontent in American life. I truly and honestly do not give Trump one iota of having some grand plan, or any plan for that matter. He’s a blunt force object that has as his goals all those campaign promises and in his own typical business fashion just blunders through the traditional political system based on will alone, because that has been his world for his entire life. His goals are not singularly republican or democrat.. they are Trump, and it just so happens he’s latched on to the republican party as his white steed.. riding into Washington, not wielding a broadsword, crying out “Charge!”, swinging away at the elitists that are allegedly “tearing down America”… but rather riding alone, swinging his ball-and-chain military flail bashing heads indiscriminately.

    There is no science about Trump.. other than the science that interprets his mental state.

    1. I wish I could accept ownership of “ignorati” but someone beat me to it….but I do love the term and you may well see it more often now.
      I worry about those that see the “white nationalists” as the future of this country…..I agree he has NO plan other a Trump plan…..he will milk DC for all he can before he fades….chuq

  4. partway through this piece I was just thinking about the book “It Can’t Happen Here,” and presto!, you mentioned it. I’ll probably have it as my book review this weekend–I had to re-read it before the election, and it still makes me shudder thinking about what’s in those pages.

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