A “Limited Nuke War”

This is not a subject that I would ever want to debate again….but that wish has been crapped on….and crapped on hard.

The prospect of a nuclear conflict has recently raised its ugly head…..for years this was not a subject that got much press…but in the last year the idea seems to making a comeback of sorts….

Since the day that our new president took the oath of office this is a subject that has garnered more press than any of the previous years….Trump has made it clear that he would like a nuclear arsenal upgrade.

With that said the whole scenario of a “limited nuclear war” has once again made the headlines (and you thought the Cold War was over…HA)….

The blog of the National Interest magazine has taken a look at the aging paradigm……

As Donald Trump’s first three weeks in office come to a close, critics are pointing out that his iconic slogan, “Make America Great Again” is starting to look more and more like an attempt to bring American society back to the 1950s. What most people haven’t realized yet is that his vision of turning back the clock also applies to America’s nuclear arsenal.

Just this past week, CQ Roll Call reported that a blue-ribbon Pentagon panel urged the Trump administration to make the U.S. arsenal more capable of fighting a “‘limited’ atomic war.”

Source: Could America Really Win a “Limited” Nuclear War? | The National Interest Blog

Carter and even Reagan worked to limit these destructive tools….and now after 30+ years of working to their elimination the whole idea has come roaring back into the conversation of conflict management and resolution…..

We can only hope that sanity returns to the world of foreign policy….if not then we might as well get use to those silly drills of hiding under the desk with our hands over our head.

Personally I was hoping that this would go away and sane people were in control….my hopes are dashed on the rocks of insanity.


12 thoughts on “A “Limited Nuke War”

  1. Saner foreign policy? Trump has all but made the State Department unnecessary; he’s gutted the place and the money saved is going to the Pentagon. I guess we are in the hands of Jared.
    But honestly… I don’t see the threat anywhere except in NK… and even that, there’s really no reason to launch a nuke into NK when we have good capacity to just shoot down the missiles when they launch. Nuking NK, even a low yield nuke is going to endanger South Korea and the close border with China. Collateral damage would be too much. All we have to do is worry about NK’s artillery lobbing rounds into Soul. But.. god knows what Trump is going to do or what general he listens to.

  2. What the hell is a “limited atomic war”? Is that even a thing? Drop an atomic weapon and the collateral damage lasts for years. We send one over, they send two back, then we return 10….. a pattern of escalation that is just plain stupid. It just isn’t an option in my opinion. Limited atomic war, if ever there was an oxymoron, that is it.

  3. I agree with Andrew, is there really such a thing as a limited nuclear war? I feel like the bell may ring at anytime now and we’re supposed to dive under our desks. Showing my age and my paranoia too…..sigh.

  4. I recall being ‘drilled’ at school during the Cuban missile crisis. We sat under desks holding paper across our faces, and were told not to ‘breathe deeply’. This was in central London, where we would have all been vapourised in the first strike. Nothing changes, it would seem.
    Regards, Pete.

  5. I find it funny that this is coming out just days after NatGeo Channel showed that documentary about Hiroshima and what the bomb did to it.

    Forget limited nuke war–there’s NO SUCH THING as a “limited war.” There can’t be–in any war, there’s too damned much to lose on each side, so one’ll up the ante to prevent losing, and on we go. Hell, wasn’t Korea supposed to be a limited war? Vietnam, a limited war? Won’t even go into Iraq–you know better about that than me, anyway.

    Human nature makes limited war impossible. It’s been that way since the dawn of time.

      1. Reminds me of what Kennedy said about the Joint Chiefs during the Cuban Missile Crisis about striking first, that they have “one big advantage…. If we do what they keep telling us to do, none of us will be left alive to tell them they were wrong.”

      2. Back in those days everybody had their finger on that big red button….looks like Trump has hired some of like thinkers….chuq

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