Closing Thought–03Mar17

“Blame The Liberals”!

In recent days Mr. Trump has set about blaming liberals for all the ills of society…..which is nothing new because the Right wing nose pickers have been dong it for decades….

In recent days liberals and especially Obama have been blamed for protests, for hackings, for cemetery attacks, I am sure there is more that I ignored….

if you are unfortunate enough to be exposed to some of the lunatics on the Right then you know of what I speak….there is lots of ink being wasted on blaming others for the new guys shortcomings.

But sadly all this is nothing new… I said the Repubs have been blaming liberals have been blaming liberals for decades….everything from the crucifixion to World War Two to today’s problems….they will need to find new material…..

In Trump’s world, progressives are the true racists and white people face endless persecution. None of this is new.

Donald Trump is a professional white victimologist. The examples are legion. Trump never takes responsibility for his actions and appears to believe in numerous fictions: News media outlets are conspiring against him, Barack Obama is trying to sabotage his presidency, the military and not the commander in chief is to blame for the recent botched raid that killed a Navy commando, the women who accused Trump of sexual assault are all lying, millions of “illegal votes” were cast against him, and the tens of millions of people who have protested his regime are all paid operatives.

Source: Donald Trump’s “blame the liberals” talk belongs to a long right-wing tradition of white victimology and conspiracy theory –

All this is just silly…..but what can we expect when we elect a reality star?

Time to begin my weekend…..everyone thanx for all the support and participation this past week….now enjoy your weekend….be well, Be safe…..chuq


7 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Mar17

  1. Whew! Made it through the whole day here… and, another easy comment for me, because this says all that needs saying…

    “…but what can we expect when we elect a reality star?”

    Have a good Saturday, bro….


  2. You main point is worth repeating.
    “None of this is new.”
    It has always been, and will continue to be. I know that I’m not an American, but I am beginning to lose patience with all this fuss. There is nothing new in the world of politics, so why is everyone acting so surprised all the time?
    Regards, Pete.

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