Random Thoughts For A Saturday

The Name Game:  A Rant From An Angered Mind (Caution:  Very vitriolic)

Has anyone else noticed just how far into Right field the bloggers have become?  Reminds me of The Borg from Star Trek-TNG…a collective mind….one gets an thought and passes it on to the Hive and drones go from there….

I recall back in the day….last year…..when anyone that was vocal was deemed a “liberal” was an apologist….if anything was said in favor of Obama was an excuse for a socialist (none would recognize a socialist if they bit them in the ass) takeover of the country….anyone else remember those days?

But my fave stuff is the attacks on “facts”…..they attack anything they do not agree with with some vague theory of what is a fact and how do we know it is…..then they turn around make a statement and say it is “fact”….usually followed by “trust me on this”…..(there is a name for this)……

A few words about ignorance…..”Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge.”  Or “Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

How long did these “people” call liberals socialists?  And now they are all butt hurt when someone calls them and/or their new master a fascist…they fall back on the only weapon they have….the Godwin Law…..(there is a name for that)……

Now we have a new wizard holding his staff of power (take that any way you damn well please)….and the bigoted little fascists in waiting have come out from under their rocks and defended everything that this prez does or says….but that is just good reporting on their part…they see no similarity in what they are doing and what they accused others of doing for 8 years (probably more)…..there is a name for that also (and you damn well know its name)…….

Then there is the numerous vacations and golfing outings that our past leader had…it was a wealth of stupidity by the lunatic Right (which is  now in control)….and yet after 10 days on the job Trump needed a vacay….and what about his son’s trip to Uruguay that cost the tax payers $97,000…not a word of protest.

What about the ACA?  Ever noticed that the ones that protest it are the ones that did not need it?  Some of them are well off or they get free medical care at a VA because the got a paper cut when serving in downtown LA and that cut got infected and now they suck off the government tit….but yet they despise people that use the government for subsistence…..now there is word coming out about the “replace” part of the chant and it is a secret…..(there is a name for them and you damn well know what it is)……

Ever noticed that the micro-cephalic d/bags are the same as their new master…egotistical, bigoted, phobic and ….(you pick the rest of the description)…..these are the same toads that wrap themselves in the Constitution and then allow a slug to violate it at every opportunity.

It is going to be a long 4 years and there will be a wealth of Rightie babbling…spreading their hate and their vile at every opportunity.  I was a critic of Clinton (Bubba not wifey) and of GW and then of Obama and if any of these mental midgets think I will back off because this emperor in waiting got elected then they are sadly mistaken….

Just an observation–when a Rightie ends with “move nothing to see here” it means that their participation in a conversation is over…..or when they say “trust me on this” it means “F” You….. “I believe therefore I am right”.

Under normal situations I would offer up an apology for my crudeness….in this case…I WILL NOT!  They have deserved everything I have said and so much more….don’t get me wrong…..I do not dislike opposing thoughts…just those thoughts that come from a lunatic chatter mill…the ones that are one dimensional and change with the crowd……

My weekend begins…I will sleep well this night…..thanx for all the visits and the new followers your participation is appreciated….be safe, be well……it’s coffee time!  chuq


22 thoughts on “Random Thoughts For A Saturday

  1. Lol! Great post! “Trust me” means I have nothing to substantiate what I am telling you so just trust me.

  2. The bloggers are moving to Right Field because the Leftist ideology is archaic in it’s tamer forms as experienced through American Democrats and the American People have a deep sense of forboding about the hard-left turn going on in Washington’s Democrat Elite — and because Conservatism is sane and Liberalism will give away the show so that nothing is left besides an all-controlling “Big Government” to which everyone will be required to kneel. The Pope is already doing it in the Blue Mosque. If we are not careful we will be next. People understand that. People understand that is where the Left leads. That is the reason for the turn to the Right. Believe what you want but that is what I see happening. That is what almost everybody with half a brain is seeing happening.

  3. Liberating, isn’t it? LOL! Nice to see, bro; usually you’re too nice to them… It’s good to remember this one, a sentiment to which you, and I, subscribe…”Everyone is entitled to an ‘informed’ opinion.” — Harlan Ellison

    Also, this one, from another sci-fi author, provides some perspective along with the insight, “There is a cult of ignorance in the United States, and there always has been. The strain of anti-intellectualism has been a constant thread winding its way though our political and cultural life, nurtured by the false notion that democracy means that “my ignorance is just as good as your knowledge.” — Isaac Asimov, Newsweek, 21 January 1980

    Give ’em hell, hairy…. *grin*

    gigoid, the dubious

  4. Great analogy, chuq; Trumpsters are a Borg collective. They just follow blindly… and if there were such things as those gadgets worn on the head with the eyepiece… they would wear that too.

  5. Good rant! Just want to point out that this is nothing new for good ol’ US of A. Let’s not forget the communist paranoia witch hunts of the McCarthy days. It was much worse then than now. And that Psy-Op was to hide the Nazi war criminals they were slipping in and and hiding within the US. For entertainment purposes, a good movie to watch again on that time is “The House on Carroll Street” with Kelly McGillis and Jeff Daniels.

    1. Let’s not for get my fave COINTELPRO one that I am well aware if s they had me on their radar most of the 70’s ad into the 80’s….chuq

      1. Yes… just to remind ourselves we’re not “special” today!!! – we just have the internet to publish our angst and lesser triumphs. Enjoying your articles – all of them even if I don’t comment on all… sometimes I just shake my head and think… “What could I add to that?” Oh, and rants are good – sometimes you’re just too… diplomatic Chuq – not that it’s a bad thing, the world needs more diplomats.

  6. I oft wondered why they never named her 6 of 9 to tantalize men even more.

      1. “sex or no” ala sechs von nein (neun).. well.. I think too many would incorrectly presume “69”, given her appearence. Don’t ask me what that means.. “I don’t recall what that means, senator.”

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