We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government

I agree with the premise of this article….we have SCOTUS legislating from the bench….we have a Congress that seldom works and when they do they do nothing of substance and we have a president that circumvents the Congress…

In essence we NO longer have what was set up in the Constitution….3 branches of government….

Below is an article written by an ex-member of Congress and a Civics teacher about his observations of our government….

It has been my habit to begin each semester by slowly taking students through the Constitution, each article and section in turn, emphasizing not only each provision but why it was included. Fundamental to the constitutional process, I taught, was the unique delineation of authority and responsibility: the separation of powers that so cleanly distinguished American government from those that had gone before it. There were three branches, independent of each other, with varied duties and roughly equal. The greater power—overtaxing, spending, deciding whether to go to war, confirming members of the president’s Cabinet and justices of the Supreme Court—had been placed in the Congress, I said, because while the Founders had created a republic, they also added a sprinkling of democracy: The people would choose who would do the actual governing. I would underscore this point by noting the provisions that made clear the Framers’ deliberate rejection of a parliamentary system like the ones they had known in Europe, where legislative and executive power were joined. Here, it was to be the people, not the parties, that ruled, I told my students.

Source: We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government – POLITICO Magazine

I totally agree and before this country can be “great” again we need all 3 branches doing their job and only their job.

He, Trump, has had his time in the light…time for him to start acting like the president and become part of the legislative process….

(Side note:  If SCOTUS is not a political position then why is there a political ad for the newest nominee?)

18 thoughts on “We No Longer Have Three Branches of Government

    1. I agree but that plan is non-existent in this partisan world of politics…..I wish I had an idea to float…sorry….chuq

  1. Maybe we can take a page from that futuristic documentary “Idiocracy.” Find the most incredibly average person with average thoughts and mental ability and convictions, etc. and have them in the spot. They might be such a breath of fresh air they’ll sound like a genius.

  2. Not sure I share the frustration that we no longer have three branches of government. The three branches exist to support a system of checks and balances to assure our rights, as indicated in the Constitution, are maintained. The context of the three branches is not about some “serving the public good to make our lives better” through some “government in harmony for the people” idea. The teacher article seems sound to me. SCOTUS has always been accused of legislating from the bench. That could be a way to interpret their rendered decisions but they can only render a decision on cases presented before them. It’s not like they can wake up one day and while shooting the breeze in the cafeteria decide, “Well, how about we tackle this leftist idea that poor people are entitled to get welfare, today?”

    1. In recent years I will agree…but it was not always so…..I look for them to tackle many of those “leftist” ideas as soon as this new guy takes his staff of power….chuq

    1. hahaha.. If I had something to bang on the floor like they do in your Parliament, Pete, I’d be banging away my approval on your reply. 🙂

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