Towards a New Trade Policy

I have been looking at our trade policies recently……most are horrible for the worker and there is a consensus that we need to find a new and improved trade policy….

I have found a pretty good piece that covers this situation…..

International trade deals have lost their consensus support as more workers view them as anathema to good-paying jobs, requiring the U.S. politicians to rethink these strategies

On Jan. 23, President Donald Trump signed an order directing the U.S. Trade Representative to withdraw the country from the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), the trade deal that the previous administration had spent years negotiating with eleven other nations around the Pacific Rim. This executive action represents a first step towards a controversial new direction in trade policy.

The TPP was already on life support, as the 2016 election campaign made it toxic with the majority of American voters. Bernie Sanders, Ted Cruz and Donald Trump all focused great energy on the trade pact as an example of the failed economic policies of recent decades. Even Hillary Clinton, despite her previous public support for the TPP and other trade agreements, was forced to come out against it, to fight off criticism from Sanders in the primaries, and Trump in the general election.

Source: Towards a New Trade Policy – Consortiumnews

I understand the need for economic growth….but I do not think it should come at the expense of the workers and the Middle Class.

10 thoughts on “Towards a New Trade Policy

  1. You don’t need power plays disguised as “trade deals” to keep things moving into and out of a country. If say China, has good far cheaper than competitors, they get taxed higher upon import. If say United States, with a higher priced item (assumed same or better quality), they get taxed less upon import. Once we figure out a way to make more of an even playing field, countries who benefit now would lose some advantage and conversely countries who don’t benefit gain some advantage. TPP was bad news all around and NOT the way to approach a trade deal. I’m still skeptical that a partnership is even necessary to be honest.

      1. My problem is finding the time to actually sit down, calm my brain and read. I have two books on my list by Henry George 🙂 I’ll get there eventually.

      2. This is where I am glad that I had to retire…..I have time to expand my mind and read a bunch that I have been putting off over the years….George is fascinating you will appreciate his work….chuq

      3. “George is fascinating you will appreciate his work” says the retired guy with lots of free time, LOL

  2. Look.. Trump got elected by a base that is largely disgruntled and disenfranchised ex-factory workers… and as a consequence of that, rural retail and service businesses have been affected by these layoffs thus adding to the economic rural downfall. But the country is not failing because of globalization.. and this is exactly what most folks are complaining about.. even in other industrialized nations. The “sad” truth, if you want to describe economic progress in that way, is that these displaced workers are not getting their jobs back… period… and it has little to do with past globalization treaties. It’s all about automation. Automation in recent decades has displaced more middle class workers than any other reason… including factories moving outside our borders. Just because this country’s economic power has been the result of a strong manufacturing base for nearly 200 years does NOT mean that middle class manufacturing jobs should just stick around as some longevity entitlement. In my opinion, people should take responsibility for their own economic lives.. and learn to adapt to changing markets. Quit sitting in your rural homes and lamenting about the good old days when factories hummed and your favorite union thrived. We are a techno-economy now. I’ve posted about this before… the middle class worker-bee factory mentality has to adapt.
    We have got more people working in all of the alternative power industries combined than in all the fossil fuel industries combined… yet everyone wants the coal industry back because it’s somehow connected to some traditional Americana way it used to be. The market is determining the kind of worker needed for the future, as it should. It’s not Washington policy.

    1. ell said…..the problem is those people are looking for the answer to be handed to them….and will fall for every promise given to change things….chuq

  3. You need trade deals to create jobs, develop industry, and to assure a future. What you seem to get are trade deals designed to make you one-up on another country, just for the sake of it.
    That’s a slippery slope indeed.
    Regards, Pete.

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