Closing Thought–13Jan17

“Seven Days In May”

I finished my course on Terrorism about mid-December….the students were a lot more informed than most give them credit….of course there is always one that wants to challenge everything one says….but that makes the course interesting….I was feeling a bit sad because I would not be lecturing this year….at least for now.

Then I got a bit of good news….a friend read an op-ed that I had written for Ace News Room….he contacted me and said that he thought it would make a good mini course….about 3-4 weeks long.

In case the reader would like to check out the op-ed……

Did you ever see the movie mentioned in the title? It was a movie from the 1960’s (more on that shortly)….with biggies of the day…Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster….an excellent novel and a good movie.

Source: “Seven Days In May” | Ace News Room

My friend and colleague has decide to approach the dean about a course on coup d’etat….we will see if anyone else is interested in the subject.

The course would include and intro to what a coup d’etat is and then a history of the act and then what goes into preparing and executing the coup…..there is more to this subject than just a label.

It would make for interesting course and one that the students could walk away from with more knowledge than they had when they walked in.  It should be a required course of study for anyone majoring in Conflict analysis and management…..

That is all for me today my friends….do as I do….try to enjoy your weekend….there will be time for more of this stuff next week.

To “WikiLeak” Or Not To “WikiLeak”

The group known as “Wikileak” has been making the news for several years now….Manning used them to expose secrets….Snowden used it to do the same thing……

In all that time there has been a back and forth on whether they are doing a service or just working to destroy the American society.

Now Wikileaks is at the center of this Trump thingy…..and his “ties” to Russia and the “hack” of the DNC….on and on and on……

While I was doing a bit of research into wikileaks I found an interesting article on a blog called XX Committee….

(Disclaimer:  Before some idiot from the right or left goes on some tear about what they perceive as my motive….let me say here and now….Grow up!  I am NOT condoning anything in this post.  I offer it to my readers purely as an FYI.)

The part played by Wikileaks in the Edward Snowden saga is an important one. The pivotal role of Julian Assange and other leading members of Wikileaks in getting Snowden from Hawaii to Moscow, from NSA employment to FSB protection, in the late spring of 2013 is a matter of record.

For years there have been questions about just what Wikileaks actually is. I know because I’ve been among those asking. Over two years ago, little more than two weeks after Snowden landed in Moscow, I explained my concerns about Wikileaks based on my background in counterintelligence. Specifically, the role of the Russian anti-Semite weirdo Israel Shamir, a close friend of Assange, in the Wikileaks circle merited attention, and to anyone trained in the right clues, the Assange group gave the impression of having a relationship with Russian intelligence. As I summed up my position in July 2013, based on what we knew so far:

Source: Wikileaks is a Front for Russian Intelligence | The XX Committee

Just a reminder… not embarrass yourself…..READ the damn disclaimer for you try to think of something to reply.

Screw Transparency!

In DC there is always a scream about the government needs more transparency….and I agree there does need to be more….and every admin does its level best to avoid any transparency….I give you the TPP agreement that was negotiated in secret before it was turned out to the public.

I bring this up over the GOP and their great “Repeal and replace” game.  They are working overtime to get something, anything in place by the 20th…but all their negotiations and maneuvers will be in secret (basically)……

It appears that the GOP has voted a “gag rule” on their attempts to “repeal and replace”……

The new Republican rule implicitly instructs the CBO not to say how much it will cost taxpayers to repeal Obamacare, because it is frightening.

Some Americans may recall that during the campaign Trump pledged to change libel laws to silence journalists who write stories that expose his lies or “run afoul of his ideological agenda.” Republicans in the House, not to be outdone by the likes of a big-time wrestling celebrity like Trump, resurrected an old rule that gives them, including individual legislators, unchallenged authority to interrogate, fire or slash any federal employee’s salary to $1 for even daring to run afoul of their “ideological agenda.” It is curious that Republicans hate rules, regulations, and laws unless they serve to either silence dissent and opposition or conceal their devious machinations that are detrimental to the population.

That is exactly the case of House Republicans who inserted two short paragraphs into their “new rules” that forbid a federal agency from doing the job it was created to do. Before Koch Republicans took control of both houses of Congress, the once non-partisan and “independent” Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) role was performing an accurate and unbiased cost analysis of any kind of legislation or policy implementation to the American taxpayers. It was about the only means of keeping Congress honest about legislation regarding any kind of cutting or spending.

Source: GOP Prohibits CBO From Reporting How Much ACA Repeal Blows Up the Deficit

This makes it easier for them to do what they do best….LIE!

Nothing has changed in DC!  They still do not want the American people to know what they are doing until it is too late for action.

I thought all that was gonna change with our knew emperor…..appears we have another falsehood.

The ‘Post-Truth’ Mainstream Media

Since the disclosure of the “fake” news that has been around the web I have been having fun with the subject.

There is a whole philosophical debate (if you can call it that) around what is and what is not “fake” news…or better yet what is the truth.

Let me say here…I have NO love for most of the MSM… me they are nothing more than the agents of propaganda….their articles should be checked carefully for accuracy…..

(God I love that ‘toon!)

When I read this article I found it interesting….perhaps my readers will also….

U.S. mainstream media sees itself as the definer of what’s true and what’s “propaganda,” but has gotten lost in a fog of self-delusion and is now the principal purveyor of “post-truth” news, writes Nicolas J S Davies.

For several months, Western officials and media outlets repeated thousands of times that there were between 250,000 and 300,000 civilians trapped under Syrian and Russian bombardment in East Aleppo. Western reports rarely mentioned the Syrian government’s estimate that there were only one-third that number of civilians in the rebel-controlled enclave – nor that its estimates were solidly based on what it had found in Homs and other rebel-held areas after it restored state control.

Source: The ‘Post-Truth’ Mainstream Media – Consortiumnews

We now live in a “post-truth” world…get use to it!

The Abolition of Foreign Policy

God knows that I love me some historical perspectives here and there…….this article is a good piece of history about the Cold War and the “fight” against communism….

What explains the behavior of nations on the world stage? There is no science to guide us, no psychology of nation-states to elucidate the secrets of the national Ego, Super-Ego, and Id. Oh, there are theories galore: the realists, the structuralists, the Marxists, and more. Yet these are thin gruel these days, when all claims of predictability are open to challenge, and one cannot tell the exceptions from the rule. In today’s world, it often seems that there are no rules.

Or are there?

Let us look at the current madness, and its antecedents, and see if we can discern a pattern.

Source: The Abolition of Foreign Policy by —

This is an excellent look at the Cold War and the decisions made…..if you like history then this is the article for you…..enjoy