The Abolition of Foreign Policy

God knows that I love me some historical perspectives here and there…….this article is a good piece of history about the Cold War and the “fight” against communism….

What explains the behavior of nations on the world stage? There is no science to guide us, no psychology of nation-states to elucidate the secrets of the national Ego, Super-Ego, and Id. Oh, there are theories galore: the realists, the structuralists, the Marxists, and more. Yet these are thin gruel these days, when all claims of predictability are open to challenge, and one cannot tell the exceptions from the rule. In today’s world, it often seems that there are no rules.

Or are there?

Let us look at the current madness, and its antecedents, and see if we can discern a pattern.

Source: The Abolition of Foreign Policy by —

This is an excellent look at the Cold War and the decisions made…..if you like history then this is the article for you…..enjoy


9 thoughts on “The Abolition of Foreign Policy

  1. Oh…”shut up and hunker down for the duration”. Powerful article and one that would make me think more if he didn’t use the “de” in front of everything, causes me all sorts of asides and I lose my loosely held train of thought. Choo choo. I need some sleep before I read this again but again a powerful article. Thank you for the “peek”. ~~dru~~

  2. I think it was a good analysis for what it was… although perhaps others might dispute some conclusions. But here’s my only glaring issue with it…
    He says, “What sets the course of our nation in the world is nothing less than the pure caprice of our rulers.” He never finished the statement…
    “What sets the course of our nation in the world is nothing less than the pure caprice of our rulers…” ” …and a finicky public, who’s attention in world events rises and falls with the current economic climate (which in turn determines time to devote to compassionate feelings), and an instantaneous news cycle.”

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