Screw Transparency!

In DC there is always a scream about the government needs more transparency….and I agree there does need to be more….and every admin does its level best to avoid any transparency….I give you the TPP agreement that was negotiated in secret before it was turned out to the public.

I bring this up over the GOP and their great “Repeal and replace” game.  They are working overtime to get something, anything in place by the 20th…but all their negotiations and maneuvers will be in secret (basically)……

It appears that the GOP has voted a “gag rule” on their attempts to “repeal and replace”……

The new Republican rule implicitly instructs the CBO not to say how much it will cost taxpayers to repeal Obamacare, because it is frightening.

Some Americans may recall that during the campaign Trump pledged to change libel laws to silence journalists who write stories that expose his lies or “run afoul of his ideological agenda.” Republicans in the House, not to be outdone by the likes of a big-time wrestling celebrity like Trump, resurrected an old rule that gives them, including individual legislators, unchallenged authority to interrogate, fire or slash any federal employee’s salary to $1 for even daring to run afoul of their “ideological agenda.” It is curious that Republicans hate rules, regulations, and laws unless they serve to either silence dissent and opposition or conceal their devious machinations that are detrimental to the population.

That is exactly the case of House Republicans who inserted two short paragraphs into their “new rules” that forbid a federal agency from doing the job it was created to do. Before Koch Republicans took control of both houses of Congress, the once non-partisan and “independent” Congressional Budget Office’s (CBO) role was performing an accurate and unbiased cost analysis of any kind of legislation or policy implementation to the American taxpayers. It was about the only means of keeping Congress honest about legislation regarding any kind of cutting or spending.

Source: GOP Prohibits CBO From Reporting How Much ACA Repeal Blows Up the Deficit

This makes it easier for them to do what they do best….LIE!

Nothing has changed in DC!  They still do not want the American people to know what they are doing until it is too late for action.

I thought all that was gonna change with our knew emperor…..appears we have another falsehood.


16 thoughts on “Screw Transparency!

    1. Maybe so but the CBO was NOT banned from reporting the cost to the taxpayer….this is just trying to put lipstick on a pig so it will not bite the GOP in the ass at next election.

      1. Politics is always up and down and the “Voter” tends to survive it all. The markets go up and down — the economy goes up and down — people make money — people lose money — but they all tend to make it through somehow.

  1. It’s sad really. So many Americans, misinformed or not informed at all, are being lulled into compliance by all the “news” being thrown at them. I questioned traditional sources years ago and finally broke free, but my parents still watch NBC, my in-laws watch CBS, people still read newspapers and we’re all trapped. A politician has only one of two labels: Oligarch or Assistant to the Oligarch

    Liberal, conservative, neo-whatever, moderate, etc.; Doesn’t matter, it supports the dog and pony show. They “say” what you want to hear to get a vote, then “do” the opposite once in office to get more money.

    I say we fire the government, ban anyone who’s held office from holding office again for at least 6 years, and we literally reboot the country. Oh yeah, send anyone who has lobbied in the past decade to Gitmo for a few years.

    1. Your idea is more civilized than mine…I said have a joint session gas them all and send a message back home…start over!

      The Gitmo idea is a good one….chuq

  2. What has happened to “government in the sunshine” act ? Enacted in 1976, affecting the operations of the federal government, Congress, federal commissions, and other legally constituted federal bodies. It is one of a number of Freedom of Information Acts, intended to create greater transparency in government.

      1. Never mind, chuq,..can’t be any worse than what is happening over here…Rule By Zio’s..& Neo Cons….Global Problem….& yes,things are going to get a lot worse….got a creep in today..I don’t know why they bother…no doubt emma will answer him…I have had enough….these people are brain dead ..their level of indoctrination is formidable..simply no way you can influence them…stark raving mad all of ’em Still we are putting up a brave fight.. emma seems to be doing a lot of blocking…rancid zio’s

      2. Huh?
        You could say 😉
        Is anything reaching over your end of the woods re: zio spy in uk politics?
        riddled with bastards!

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