Sex By Another Name

Sunday begins and I had a difficult time trying to decide what to write about…this past week has been full of stupidity……then I decided on sex….

In the early days of IST before there were many followers I tried to increase my readership by writing about sex, everybody wants to read about sex, sadly two of my most popular posts in the last 10 years have been “Watermelon Makes You Horny” and “Do You Break Out After Sex”…I just wish that some of my more academic posts drew that kind of readership….but I digress….

SciFi has given us lots to think about when it comes to sexy robots…..Has our society come to the point where there will be sex robots?

There’s not a day that passes that we don’t have a new reason to suspect humanity is dying off. Scientists have warned of the ‘sixth extinction‘ for decades, but now there is at least one man who believes an ostensibly beneficial innovation — sex robots — could lead to the human race getting screwed.

This is not a Terminator scenario. If humans begin spending the majority of their intimate hours with sex androids, they will reduce both the energy and biological resources needed to perpetuate the human race. At the Second International Congress on Love and Sex with Robots, Swiss researcher Oliver Bendel issued the following, fairly simple, warning:

Source: Sex Robots are Becoming a Thing — and They Could Kill Off the Human Race

Really?  A Plastic Fantastic Lover?

One more shot at the world of sex…..

Back in yesteryear there were “snake oil” salesmen that sold all kinds of concoctions to relieve a wide array of ailments….and then there was the legend that “Listerine” would cure gonorrhea…..but do not discount the ancient myths…..

Listerine claimed way back in 1879 that its mouthwash could “cure” gonorrhea, Live Science reports. Now a new study published Tuesday in Sexually Transmitted Infections gives credence to that claim. Or at least that’s what the overly excitable media would have you believe. “A good gargle before engaging in oral sex may reduce the risk of transmitting the infection to the recipient,” states Forbes (which notes more research is needed to get rid of that pesky “may”). Researchers had 58 men with gonorrhea in their throats gargle with Listerine or saltwater. The men who gargled with mouthwash for a minute were 80% less likely to test positive for gonorrhea-causing bacteria afterward.

But don’t get too excited, Jezebel warns. Listerine was shown to be far more effective at getting rid of the bacteria around the tonsils than further back in the throat. And because the men were tested after only five minutes, it’s unclear how long the effect lasts. It’s also unclear if getting rid of gonorrhea-causing bacteria in the throat would do anything to prevent infections elsewhere on the body. While the study concludes that daily gargling may be an important preventative step, lead author Eric Chow says they “do not recommend it at any site and certainly not anywhere other than the throat” as a treatment for gonorrhea. That leaves Jezebel with its own conclusion: “Use condoms.” (Terrifying further reading: Gonorrhea may beat all known drugs by 2021.)

There is the post for a Sunday afternoon… I got to drop a little history on you (smiles)….

Enjoy the rest of your weekend….see you guys tomorrow.