In Space, Does Sh*t Run Downhill?

It is the weekend and my readers know that I try to cover subjects that I overlook during the week….call it a break in routine if you will…..

Last weekend I covered this guy that has the world’s largest collection of poop…..and that got to thinking that there is a lot of concern these days with our bums….we have TP that makes it feel amazing….there are special concoctions that will maintain a regular BM…… we worry about our regularity and there is where I pick up this day’s post…..

Pooping in space “isn’t glamorous, but it is necessary for survival,” an astronaut explains—yet it’s presenting quite a challenge for NASA. See, while the International Space Station has a pretty fancy toilet, an astronaut must wear a diaper during launch and landing activities or while spacewalking. But as NASA looks toward future missions in deep space, it’s also looking for a way for astronauts to relieve themselves while remaining in their space suits for up to six days, reports Time. That’s where you come in. The agency is offering a $30,000 prize in a “space poop challenge” if someone can create “a system inside a space suit that collects human waste for up to 144 hours and routes it away from the body, without the use of hands.”

There are plenty of stipulations. For example, the system “needs to take no more than five minutes [to set up]” as an astronaut might be forced to jump into their suit quickly in an emergency, per While such a challenge might seem humorous, a solution “could be the difference between life and death,” notes the contest website. “You don’t want any of these solids and fluids stuck to your body for six days,” NASA adds in a release. “Given enough time, infection, and even sepsis can set in,” says astronaut Rick Mastracchio in a video. Inventors have until Dec. 20 to submit their entries. NASA plans to test the top entries next year, with a solution executed within three years.

I truly hope this it the last time I need to report on poop in some fashion…..

Enough of this sh*t (pun intended)……Everyone go out and enjoy your weekend…..have some fun while you can.


One thought on “In Space, Does Sh*t Run Downhill?

  1. shit is sure running down hill here…
    I have had to log into your site again…..?
    another has been suspended….on twitter
    it is like kicking shit up a hill…
    as me dad used to say…..
    censured 3 so far…
    wots it like in your neck of the woods?
    those bloody *****~~#####***
    curse on them all
    one is appearing in a magistrate court on Dec 4th
    the other two…waiting to be processed…
    & u know why…. ya don’t have free speech over here on a certain subject…
    I cannot believe it…

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