Is The Revolution Dead?

Sunday and I open with some news….breaking news……

I awoke yesterday with the news of the death of Fidel Castro……(Do I need to explain who he is?)

Fidel Castro, who led a rebel army to improbable victory in Cuba, embraced Soviet-style communism, and defied the power of 10 US presidents during his half-century rule, has died at age 90. With a shaking voice, his younger brother, Raul Castro, announced on state television that his brother died at 10:29pm on Friday night, reports AP. Castro’s reign over the island-nation 90 miles from Florida was marked by the US-backed Bay of Pigs invasion in 1961 and the Cuban Missile Crisis a year later that brought the world to the brink of nuclear war. The bearded revolutionary, who survived a crippling US trade embargo as well as dozens, possibly hundreds, of assassination plots, died eight years after ill health forced him to formally hand power over to Raul.

The BBC sums up the life of Castro thusly: “His supporters praised him as a man who had given Cuba back to the people. But his opponents accused him of brutally suppressing opposition.” Castro overcame imprisonment at the hands of dictator Fulgencio Batista, exile in Mexico, and a disastrous start to his rebellion before triumphantly riding into Havana in January 1959 to become, at age 32, the youngest leader in Latin America. For decades, he served as an inspiration and source of support to revolutionaries from Latin America to Africa. “Socialism or death” remained Castro’s rallying cry even as Western-style democracy swept the globe and other communist regimes in China and Vietnam embraced capitalism, leaving this island of 11 million people an economically crippled Marxist curiosity.

Typical of the MSM they immediately went to Little Havana to get the reaction to the news….and guess what?  The people were celebrating the death of Fidel and then the media ask what it meant to Cuba…..

What the Hell do they know?

Most have been Americanized after 50+ years of living the American dream.  Maybe a better source for those questions would be to ask them of the people that stay in Cuba during the days of Fidel.

Most Americans have negative impression of Fidel’s Cuba….basically because the media told you what to think.  Fidel may have well been a prick but that is for the Cuban people to say not the American media.

If you truly want to know what the death means to the Cuban people then ask the people of Cuba….not some Cuban-American, that has NEVER set foot on Cuban soil, hanging on South Beach eating black beans and watching thongs go by.


17 thoughts on “Is The Revolution Dead?

  1. I know quite a few Cubans here in Florida whose families lost everything to Fidel’s greed and will be celebrating his death for a long time. One woman on TV said she was just sorry that Fidel never got to see a totally free Cuba before he died.

    1. I am sure that there are some that lost some…but my question is if they lost everything then why come to America…..was it for freedom or enterprise…I am not saying he was a good guy just that there is usually more to a story than is given….

  2. American-Cubans know very well what Castro was about after all they or their fathers fled Cuba, many in fear of death…if one has never fled communism or any other oppressive regime then one may not be aware that the right to revolt against such regime sticks for generations of exiles…those in America have the same rights as to his death as those who stayed … and one can expect that many of those who stayed were complicit or operatives of Castro’s regime anyway so they’re not about to revel in his death I reckon…

    1. Some fled because they were part of Batista’s regime and was corrupt to the hilt….but some born here are only going by stories told to them…..they know little of actual life in Cuba….

      1. Could be, but I talk of experience of exile and how it’s passed onto generations, for whatever reason one loses ones roots these cannot be eradicated fully no matter how long one leaves away, as to Batista – he was replaced by those that weren’t much different and a one-party system can bring no full freedom etc…the bottom line is that people fled and that means that incoming government did not tolerate them even if that was their homeland too… whether people were corrupt or on either side that is an ailment common in all systems but all systems…any system that purges political opponents is not worth much to me

  3. You have just told more truth in one short blog post than most average Americans could digest in a year because most Americans living today have no clue as to what transpired in Cuba nor the reasons for it. But you hit the nail squarely on the head with this one — absolutely! I keep hearing about all those Cubans living in Florida who lost everything to Castro’s alleged “Greed.”I cannot help but wonder what the lives of those same folks would have been like had Batista remained in power? Did those who “Lost Everything”lose it because like Batista they had enough wealth and influence they could assist Batista’s power structure in keeping the peasants under their thumb or something? Castro was a liberator and was hailed as a liberator and I wish the thong watchers and the pork sandwich eaters in Florida could remember thator at least even think about it.

    1. Exactly……I know he was a prick but to ask someone who has never been to Cuba what it means to the island is just sensationalism….have a good Sunday, my friend…

  4. A man with a plan…didn’t always turned out the way he planned..but a man none the less and one I somewhat admire. Who the hell knows what would have been best. That little rock in the ocean still exists and they HAVE a really great health policy. Just saying….

    He outlived Che but then again, he had more savvy. Loved the cigars! ~~dru~~

  5. The root of the word revolution is ‘change’, which is inevitable. When there is injustice, as has always been the case, the need for revolution becomes evident… This means, regardless of whether it is Cuba, or anywhere else, and, regardless of whether it is to oust one type of regime (corrupt dictatorship, etc.), or espouse another, (communism, democracy, whatever…), revolution will always be a part of the human political experience….

    Hope your Sunday went well…

    gigoid, the dubious

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