Trumpism Meets Neoliberalism

The election has me wondering where this country is heading……do we talk Trump at his word during the campaign or will he become more pragmatic in his approach to governing?

This is the same thing I did when Obama was elected…..I dissected his appointees to try and see just what to expect from his administration….why should I not do the same for Pres. Trump?

Will the neoliberals keep their stranglehold on our foreign policy?  Will Trump have his own version of foreign policy?

As Donald Trump builds his cabinet and staff, it’s already clear that the White House will host both neoliberal Republican elites and advocates of the racist ideology on which Trump ran his campaign. The merger of their two ideologies — each of them dangerous on its own — will not only result in horrific policies but could also prompt a dangerous transformation of the ideology that governs the center of power in Washington.

Source: The Cabinet From Hell: Trumpism Meets Neoliberalism

It is still early in his admin…..his decisions on the cabinet will go a long way to determine if there is a changer brewing or more of the same…..


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