Mars In A Month?

There is a plan to send humans to Mars…the problem is that the trip will take up to a year or more and the concern is how will the astronauts handled such ling periods of confinement.

But what if it only would take a month?

– A century ago, the first transatlantic flight took about 23 days. Soon, we could reach Mars in about as long. The key: perfecting laser technology. NASA scientist Philip Lubin says that by swapping out the current fuel-based rocket propulsion system with one relying on photons would significantly boost our space travel speeds, reports Reuters. Science Alert explains it like this: Particles of light from lasers in Earth’s orbit would reflect off a “large, reflective sail” on a spacecraft and produce a thrust capable of sending it toward a destination at insane speeds. Lubin estimates a 220-pound probe could reach Mars in as little as 72 hours, reports Wired. A bigger, manned spacecraft would take about a month; experts believe the Space Launch System currently in development could take humans to Mars in about five months.

If all that isn’t intriguing enough, Lubin says “photonic propulsion” opens up the possibility of travel outside our solar system, per “The human factor of exploring the nearest stars and exoplanets would be a profound voyage for humanity, one whose non-scientific implications would be enormous,” Lubin writes in a study. “There are recent advances that take this from science fiction to science reality,” he adds in a YouTube video. “There is no known reason why we cannot do this.”

Furthermore…..there will be humans on Mars by the 2030’s…..NASA says there will be humans on Mars by the 2030s.

That is it for the space stuff….have a great day my friends…..


15 thoughts on “Mars In A Month?

  1. However long it takes, all they really need is some of those computer games people get addicted to and can’t leave. The other thing sure to work is open and free sex. Problem solved, they won’t want the trip to end.

      1. If I know anything at all about Earthians, they won’t care if it’s up, down or sideways… but that is a fun point to ponder. So drop the “up” word and replace it with the “h” word!

    1. Butting in here… do you think mankind should be saved? Wouldn’t that be inflicting the horrors of earth upon an unsuspecting solar system… or galaxy? I just hope that whoever they are out there, they have their own “homeland security” up and running and that they insist on passports before anyone proceeds beyond this solar system. Better yet, a quarantine. I’d be the first to warn them not to let Earthians outside this system.

      1. Ms Sha thank you for your msg in reality we need dream to continue our life and to save mankind if traveling to mars come in to reality only rich people have opportunity to live their.

  2. To be able to travel to another planet, or body in space, like the asteroids, merely requires an engine, or means of propulsion, that will enable us to move faster, supplying our own propulsive source of energy. The light sail example is one long considered the most efficient, for you can carry your own energy with you, or use planetary based large laser arrays to push the sails. Either way, the speeds are only limited by physical laws, to not exceed the speed of light. Anything under that speed is fast enough to get us to the other planets.

    There actually IS an up and down in space; the thing is, you get to decide for yourself what directions they are lined up to…. Up is away from your position, going forward; down is the opposite. You decide, instead of gravity….

    Easy to contemplate; less easy to accomplish… but, we seem to be getting there. Now, if we can only do it before we’re all dead, we might have a chance….

    Oh, and, people who have the courage to go to another planet, most likely, won’t carry the kind of baggage that is causing our troubles here…. we can hope, anyway….


    1. Quote: “Oh, and, people who have the courage to go to another planet, most likely, won’t carry the kind of baggage that is causing our troubles here…. we can hope, anyway….”
      They might not be courageous but psychopathic. Psychopaths hide so well behind masks. As soon as “things” become established, there will be jockeying for leadership positions and when that begins, that doesn’t end. The problem isn’t location, it’s the Earthian competitive and predatory mindset. That goes with the shuttle. If you don’t fix it here, you take it with you. And if you’re going to take it with you, there’s no point in going.

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