A Thanksgiving Ode to John Horse and the Black Seminoles

It is two days past T’giving and I always post something historical…I apologize that missed this for the day……

I know I try to force feed history to my readers….but with good reason…..we should never forget our heritage and culture……whether good or bad…..

An engraving of John Horse, leader of the Black Seminoles. (Image: N. Orr)

John Horse and the Black Seminoles secured the first Emancipation Proclamation years before Lincoln’s by forcing the white establishment in Florida to compromise. Their story is unfortunately overlooked, but important for the future of Black and Brown people across the Americas.

The two races, the Negro and the Indian, are rapidly approximating; they are identified in interests and feelings….Should the Indians remain in this territory, the Negroes among them will form a rallying point for runaway Negroes from the adjacent states; and should they remove, the fastnesses of the country would be immediately occupied by negroes. — US General Thomas S. Jesup 

Source: A Thanksgiving Ode to John Horse and the Black Seminoles

Now with your history lesson complete…..go have some fun and smile…..


6 thoughts on “A Thanksgiving Ode to John Horse and the Black Seminoles

  1. Thank you chuq…
    a question….b/f I enter the asylum…..
    am I easy to understand?
    or am I being blocked twice this week from what could be fake sites..for no apparent reason..
    life at times puts a chill down me back….
    perhaps I am getting too suspicious….
    having problems here with twitter …I just can’t get away from the feeling I am being Observed..
    I wonder why?
    good tidings Sir..
    see ya on the other side 😉

      1. some one I know got into a DM message by a woman irish/ zio troll for 3mnths then she turned ..he was v confused until I pointed out one of my worst trolls was … u guessed it Irish/zio…they are launching an attack on us via fake news…they are getting desperate..trying to frighten us…however,I am of sterner stuff grin…be careful old man…we are not as young as we used to be…I know I am good with you…thanx for a safe haven 😉

  2. Just heard, another has gone down. bugger…..suspended …fought alongside smeggy….great woman…we are up against some very dark forces….the deep state……..will keep u informed…

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