“I Will Not Let You Down”

That was the declaration from Donald Trump, president-elect of the US of A, during his acceptance speech on Nov. 8, 2016…..

After it became official that he had won the electoral college I stated that I would at least give him a chance to make good on the promises he made to his supporters and the people of this country.  My biggest concern is that of foreign policy….he made some bold statements about the international situations and I want to know if he will follow through….

Two days after his election and I am already disappointed…..fist, he railed about the DC insiders and that will change…..but yet he is using insiders to advise him on cabinet positions…..one strike

Word has come out about his foreign policy……he promised to pull troops from Korea and that the Iranian nuke deal was dead if he is elected……

New reports from South Korea’s Yonhap news agency suggest President-elect Donald Trump is already reneging on one of his key campaign promises, to make nations like South Korea pay more of the cost for their own defense or face the loss of US troops.

What about the nuke deal?

While the US could conceivably renege on its obligations under the deal, and indeed that has been what some Congressional resolutions suggested doing, it wouldn’t overturn the entire deal so much as render the US the sole violator of it. If anything, such a move risks an international backlash from the other P5+1 nations, particularly those in Europe.

This reality has already been obvious in the first year of the deal, with the Obama Treasury Department slow to keep US obligations related to lifting sanctions, a fact which sparked criticism from Iran, but far more criticism from Western Europe, whose companies are losing out on massive deals with Iran because of US banking sanctions.

Faced with the reality that he can’t effectively “change” the Iran nuclear deal, Trump really has no reason to risk isolating the US economically by trying to roll back US compliance. There is simply nothing to gain, and plenty to lose.


So far 2 promises are about to be broken……how many more?  We still have about 60 days before the swearing in….plenty of time……

While I was asking that question more news hit the wires…..remember at his rallies all the chanting “Build the wall”?  Keep that warm fuzzy feeling……

Prominent Trump aide Newt Gingrich told reportersThursday Trump’s promise to have Mexico pay for a border wall may have been just a “campaign talk.” “He’ll spend a lot of time controlling the border,” said Gingrich, who is expected to have a senior role in Trump’s White House. “He may not spend very much time trying to get Mexico to pay for it, but it was a great campaign device.”

I am sure that the rabid supporters will find some illogical method to justify the lies told to the American people…..they are already whining about the protests the day after the vote…..

But sorry…..a lie is a fucking lie!  You CANNOT justify a LIE!


22 thoughts on ““I Will Not Let You Down”

  1. He over-estimated the inertia he had to overcome in Washington. Hasn’t anyone learned that people who are outsiders in Washington either learn to kiss rump inside the Beltline or they fail? Of course not.

    To all those millions who thought an amateur for President was a great idea, they bought more than his lies and slanders: They bought the chaos and failures his ignorance brings to the office of President of the United States of America.

    Either he wises up or “duck and cover”, so to speak!

      1. Pence definitely is not the answer, either. Hope of hope is that the system is capable of keeping the damage minimal. I mean, Ryan is third in line if Trump and Pence don’t work out. Gad! I’m lucky I didn’t void my bowels on that thought!

  2. YES.. and that’s getting to be my point on my posts. He’s not even in office and all that balderdash he spewed out during the election that got so many of these misguided followers to vote for him is being delayed, diluted, or forgotten. In the end all those misguided voters did was contribute to putting a putz in office and even they got screwed. Am I the only one who saw this coming?? Ugh!

    1. No you were not alone…..I could not vote for either candidate…..

      I like the quote by Mencken….”On some great and glorious day the plain folks of the land will reach their heart’s desire at last, and the White House will be adorned by a downright moron.”

      Very prophetic….chuq

      1. Excellent quote! I just may use that one myself. My last post quoted Thomas Paine.. not prophetic, but descriptive to the moment. I need to use more quotes from past sages. 🙂

      2. Thanx…I love it….my blog tagline is a Paine quote….I try to use them as often as I can…plus I am always giving some sort of historical perspective…..chuq

  3. I have seen many presidents come into office in my 78 years and I have never seen one come into office yet that wasn’t accused by the opposition of being a consummate liar who has lied to The American People so there is nothing new here.You are just parroting the same “The New President Is A Liar” sentiments that have accompanied every new administration.It is shallow and there is nothing new in it. Moving on ….

      1. I have seen some of his supporters being interviewed on TV telling the all-seeing-eye of the camera,”He had bettere keep his promises or he will not be president in 4 years from now.” The supporters are asking the questions.You just have to know where to find them doing it. (Local news casts are a good place to start.).

    1. In 2008 I questioned Obama and is “hope” crap…I think anyone has a right to question their candidate without being labeled some kind of “subversive”

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