Trump’s First 100 Days–Redux

Like I have said several times….there are some parts of the Trump agenda that I can relate to……for instance the below graphic……..

If this is his agenda then I applaud him in his efforts…… least in those first 100 days…..

It is too early to say that I will support this president….but this would be a good start….it might be good to restore the public’s faith in the institution of government…..there are qualified people that are not lobbyists… will depend what scale is used to judge the person… guess is that a rational independent voice will not be welcome in this new administration.

Too much hearsay right now…..I will wait and see if this part of his promise rings true…..and with what it is replaced.


7 thoughts on “Trump’s First 100 Days–Redux

  1. If those are the first six things he’s going to do, then he’d be off to a really good start. I’m still skeptical on the whole banning lobbying thing for 4, 5 and 6; foresee some real opposition to those. Money from lobbyists is the oil that keeps the engine from seizing. Need an upgrade to a Tesla, no oil required.

    1. I agree but like you say…..proof is in the pudding…..his transition is not going well….he has only 2 months to put to together a government ready to go on swearing in…..keep an eye on VP…he is a snake…..not trustworthy.

  2. Give him enough rope….! Erm, I mean, give him a chance to show he is a sincere actor, that he means to do no harm, and that his actions reflect what is best about America and her ideals.

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