What Does 2016 Mean For Net Neutrality?

About a year or so ago the internet and bloggers were burning up the airways with all sorts of horror stories about what will happen to net neutrality…..then along came the 2016 election and the issue was not so important…..

But we now have a new president-elect and what could that mean to net neutrality?

First, a piece about militarizing the internet….

A global conference of senior military and intelligence officials taking place in London this week reveals how governments increasingly view social media as “a new front in warfare” and a tool for the Armed Forces.

The overriding theme of the event is the need to exploit social media as a source of intelligence on civilian populations and enemies; as well as a propaganda medium to influence public opinion.

A report from the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) last month revealed how a CIA-funded tool, Geofeedia, was already being used by police to conduct surveillance of Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to monitor activists and protesters.

Source: Your Government Wants to Militarize Social Media to Influence Your Beliefs | Motherboard

We know how influential social media can be….look at all the fake news stories from Facebook alone….these caught fire and were past off as “real” facts when they were just lies made to look official….

With all that said……what will a president Trump mean to the internet?

On January 20th, Donald Trump will be sworn in as president of the United States. With a Republican-controlled House and Senate behind him, things in this country are going to change… a lot. One of the things that might be on the chopping block early in his administration is Net Neutrality.

This is obviously an issue near and dear to our hearts here at Engadget, and it’s pretty safe to assume that the rules instituted by the FCC in 2015 will be gutted by a Trump administration. In 2014, he described the concept as a “top down power grab” that “will target the conservative media,” and compared it to the Fairness Doctrine — referring to the FCC rule eliminated in 1987 that required broadcasters to present contrasting views on topics of public interest. While it might be tempting to dismiss those vaguely paranoid sounding declarations as simple Twitter bluster, it’s unlikely to be an issue that flies under the radar once he moves into the White House.

Source: Under Trump the future of Net Neutrality and broadband is uncertain

The Right has been all a flutter about their freedom of internet usage and their privacy……will they roll over and play dead…..kinda like they are doing with the lies told them to gain their vote?

My guess is they will play ball with the autocrats that will make up this new government…


2 thoughts on “What Does 2016 Mean For Net Neutrality?

  1. Wonderful. One thing is for sure, what is “reported” and what is “done” will most likely be completely different things. It’ll be up to the hackers and whistle blowers to get the truth out there and known.

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